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nLite for Reducing Office Source


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i belive there is a tool to reduce the size of MS office

but there is a tool thats lets you Customize MS office already out there :)

ya, i know office shrinker, but its not so user friendly and to customize office there is office resource kit,

what's the use it does not reduce the source..

so what i mean was, an all-in-one tool to slipstream, customize, reduce, make undattended the office XP/2003

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Yeah if someone can make an office tool like this it would be great. I have been using my same office 2k3 pack to silent install office using a mst file I believe.

I have never done an office update becuase I dont know how to slipstream them into my install. So a tool like this would be great to add updates and silent install with my own options.

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