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who knows a lot about boot disks?


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i have a 30mb iso which has no files, only boot data. when you burn it or mount it (or open it with any iso editor) it appears empty.

extracting the boot image only results in the 2k el torito loader.

i -think- the data is in FAT structure, only because after extensively viewing the hex i encountered references to a few file names like mouse.com.

what would be the best way for me to view the actual files on this iso?

i think i would have to strip the iso crap, remove the el torito bin and cat, pray that i have only the raw data, and then copy the raw data over to a FAT partition. but i'm hoping that it doesn't have to be that complicated :(

the iso is the Acronis Disk Director Suite boot disk.

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It is possible that it is a kind of hard disk emulation.

There are THREE ways to make bootable .ISO

1) El-Torito or "floppy emulation" mode, where you use a floppy image emulation of either a 1.44 or 2.88 Mb floppy

2) The no-emulation mode, where you use a "special" bootrecord, like Win2K/XP original install

3) The "Hard disk" emulation mode, where you use a hard disk emulation mode

the iso is the Acronis Disk Director Suite boot disk.
I have not have that product, but all reference indicates that everything is in the boot file, see this:


Acronis True Image and Acronis Disk Director Suite

Put the Acronis True Image-cd into the cd-drive.

Use and start ultraiso http://www.ezbsystems.com/ultraiso/. Tools > Make CD/DVD Image > Output file name: ti.iso> Make > OK Return > Click local filename - list and press F5.

Doubleclick to open ti.iso > Bootable > Save Boot File > Enter name: ti.bif > Save

Move ti.bif into the plugin\ezboot folder.

Put the Acronis Disk Director Suite-cd into the cd-drive and make the same steps but use dds.bif.

It is possible that Acronis uses some undocumented format, the feature to open it has been added to UltraISO just a few weeks ago:


UltraISO 8.51 PE (September 29, 2006)


+) Can open BIF files extracted from Acronis TrueImage 9 bootable CDs



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wow, thanks a million. i never would have tried that.

i already tried magiciso, isobuster, and some other utility and they only ever extracted the teeny 2k boot loader, so i assumed all the iso software would be the same.

ultraiso did actually extract the entire boot image.

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