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[Release] Mozilla Firefox v2.0.0.18


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updated to v2.0.1.8

Thanks for the version update. I'm still sticking to version 2 instead of version 3 as version 3 has too many incompatible extensions. (such as Classic Compact Theme, paste and go, tab clicking options, etc)


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Thanks johndoe74 & BigRandalo for the input.

I'm aware of the rdf tweak, but not the "about:config way of disabling compatibility check." Just that too many extensions need to tweak. Dun really wan to do that. After all, v2 works fine. Will wait until more extensions are supported in v3.

I have MR Tech's Toolkit 6.0.3 (formerly Local Install) installed, but never really explore it's features. Will certainly look into it when need arises.

Cheers everyone :P:hello:

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