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Crapless FlashGet 1.82.1003


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Thanks for the installer. Here's the changelog for Flashget 1.82:

FlashGet Version 1.82.1001 (2007.3.20)

New Feature for V1.82.1001

* Beautify dropzone

* New icons

* Re-arrange the main menu

* Add TAB display in graph/log window

* Modify some text on main window

* Optimize the Option Interface

* Add user customized startup

* Add download proceeding graph display

* Automatically switch file unit according to its size

* Remove the graph speed display on tool bar

* Disable the popup window after download job finishs

* Disable the customized double click on single job

* Press F1 to get online help

* Remove 'search' and 'paste url' in menu

Bug fixed list for V1.82.1001

* Remove Saving Recent Database

* Remove the FlashGet toolbar to IE

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1.82.1003 is out again

sorry been lame =)

Cyberlone, it's not lame, just post changelog with announcement instead. That would be more useful:

FlashGet Version 1.82.1003 (2007.04.16)

* Modified the database saving directory

* Fixed few UI bugs

* Some minor improvements

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Do you know the programmer of flashgeT use what software to pack the flashget install file? NSIS? INSTALLSHIELD?

Did you repack the flashget installation file or only write the SETUP.INI file?

Which switch can let me install this version of flashget without GOOGLE BAR?

My msn: wing78421@hotmail.com

pls add me to your list.

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Thanks for the great work, btw a newer version is out now hope you can make it soon.

FlashGet Version 1.8.4 (2007.05.16)

+Added exceptions report: exceptions report will be prompt to send to debugrpt{at}flashget.com

+Improved search toolbar

+Support eMule/ed2k

*Changed version format: MainVersion.MinorVersion.PatchVersion.ReleaseTimes

*Fixed some minor UI bugs

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Been using FlashGet from since it was shareware not freeware but IMHO the more recent versions have all been :angry: downhill. Don't remember settings and the toolbar's crxx - why do they have to use abbreviations! My present versions and it's no better.

Someone here said the 1.7 versions were still available ? from where? I'd like to get hold of the version before they introduced the fxxxx up toolbar they introduced - anyone HELP????

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