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How The Mouse Works With Acceleration


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Let me start by saying that I have been studying mouse acceleration online from any know source. The reason I've been studying mouse acceleration so much is because I play a video game, counter-stike, and I play horrible without the mouse acceleration. To me it's senseless to want the mouse to increase speed over time. Regaurdless, I've figured out a way to enable the mouse acceleration, but turn the acceleration value to 1, so that the acceleration is virtually not there. It was defaulted at 4096. Okay so figure this, with this setting at 1, virtually off, I'm able to play extremely well in a counter-strike, and get great shot registry, but the second that i turn the acceleration off, and use windows default mouse drivers, I immediately get aweful registration in the video game. So someone tell me why this is. And immagine out of all 1 million people that play that game a day, and want to play it good, and hate mouse acceleration, and were completely frustrated like me. Imagine a solution, and them being satisfied. So i ask you, the reader, why is it that the mouse responds better this way? On wikipedia it says something about acceleration only works well when it works with the mickey in windows.


I believe that this is a possible reason...

"In the absence of acceleration, the Mickey corresponds to the number of pixels moved on the computer screen."

Is it that with the acceleration, the mouse is using a different axis?

also do any mice have this great registry without having to have mouse acceleration on?

because if i use my logitech drivers, and i set the acceleration to low, i play superb in the game and i get great registry, but the second that i switch them to off, i play aweful. Is the logitech driver switching something off, when the acceleration is turned off?

Please let me know of any mice that have this great registry without having acceleration on. Also please let me know if you know what is different in the way the mouse is working or the way it registers with acceleration as opposed to the way it doesn't without.

Thank You.

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What the hell are you on about?

Whats this Mickey... Mickey Mouse?! EH?!

Registration?! I don't play CS, so I have no idea on this...

High Knowledge Response Users only?... Sounds like a group!

To me, this is so **** confusing, the reason why I responded? Because of this:

There is a significant amount of RSI that comes from using a standard mouse (the vertical mouse doesn't have much at all!), and the reason why acceleration exists that high, is because of that, I have my acceleration set to the highest possible, because of the 3 monitor setup I have. I hate picking up the mouse and moving it back and forth to get it from one screen to the other.

So that pretty much sums it up. Either I have said something useful, or I am dribbling information out of somewhere. But to me it makes sense. :P

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When I read the OP at first I thought a "mickey" was a new slang term for the mouse... :lol:

What they call "acceleration" really isn't acceleration. It just changes the ratio between the mouse movement and the screen depending on the current velocity of the mouse; at low velocities, the number of pixels counted by the mouse is equal to, or even more than the number of pixels the cursor moves on the screen. This allows for fine movements accurate to a single pixel.

Once the velocity reaches certain levels, the number of pixels the cursor moves for each mouse pixel is increased - 2, 3, etc. This results in a "faster" mouse response.

Acceleration was developed so that users could easily traverse the desktop in one small quick movement, yet have enough precision at lower speeds for detailed work. The overall "feel" of the mouse becomes more responsive.

Why you're not doing so well in CS with acceleration disabled is that you're used to moving quickly to aim "close" to the enemy, then slowing down for a more accurate position before shooting. With acceleration disabled, the cursor and mouse always moves in the same ratio, so it's either too fast to position accurately or too slow to move into position.

To see how acceleration works in practice, move the mouse slowly a certain distance e.g. 2" and note how far the cursor moves on the screen. Now quickly move the mouse the same distance and note that the cursor has now moved farther than before. :)

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right, and thats my whole point, is i can have acceleration on, but regedit it to be virtually off, or a setting of 1, when a low setting is 4096, which would translate to maybe a pixel. Maybe the servers are set up to give those with mouse accel better play?

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but that's my whole point, is that it's on, but not really on. it's on a setting of 1, and a logitech low accel setting is equal to 4096. It must add some type of tracking feature, and I'm wondering why that tracking feature, or whatever it is, isn't enabled on the off setting, because it should be.

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what version of CS are you playing? CS:S?

on the Source engine there's several variables for controlling mouse input, while on the HL (Quake) engine there's only a couple. Also, do use mouse accel in windows? i used to have it on in the OS and HL/CS, then i stopped using it in the OS and disabled it in CS as well. however, i didn't like not having on in CS and i noticed right of way that my accuracy was off while fine-tuning my aim right before a shot. i started playing with the variables in CS:S and never did find a combination i liked.

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In that case I doubt there are really several thousand levels of acceleration. The acceleration was just stored in a data type (e.g. 16-bits) that made it possible to set that many levels, but instead of just simple 0-10 or similar, the manufacturer decides to inflate that range to 0-65535 to make it seem like there are really more settings, when in fact there are 6554 settings that correspond to the same acceleration.

In your case, 1 is probably the same as some other value, maybe 4096.

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I no ,since XP came to be ! acceleration has been a problem .But this adjustment in the regedit has always

proven to give the poor mouse back what it needed .

Permanent Acceleration Fix for XP_Home & PRO:

It seems that even without pointer precision disabled, the mouse under XP is still influenced by an acceleration curve. This is especially noticeable in games. To completely remove mouse acceleration from XP, you will need to go into the registry and adjust the Smoothmouse X Y Curve values. Here is how its done.

1. Click Start button

2. Select Run

3. Type 'regedit' in the open textbox

4. Open the tree 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER', select control panel, then select mouse

5. Right clicking, modify the SmoothMouseXCurve and SmoothMouseYCurve hexidecimal values to the following:













If done correctly, you will notice you are holding a markedly more responsive mouse.

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