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WPI Keyboard shortcuts and toggle extra buttons

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I believe the keyboard shortcuts are on the "To-Do" list but thought I'd share what I've been using. This also gave me the ability to toggle my extra buttons by pressing "B".

//Keyboard shortcuts to select buttons:

Enter - "Begin Install"
Esc - If the screen is not the main install screen, "Toggle screen" else you want to "Exit"
A - "Select All"
B - "Show Extra Buttons"
D - "Select Defaults"
N - "Select None"
T - Toggle "ShowToolTips"
W - "About WPI"

//Keyboard Letters to toggle screens

M or F1 - will toggle the WPI Manual
C or F2 - will toggle the WPI Config Wizard
O or F10 - will toggle the WPI Options
S or F12- will toggle the WPI Show Source

I just added the code to api.js but you could create your own .js and make the script call from wpi.hta. These letters are editable but made sense to me at the time. The edits are from lines 7-124 in api.js...attached for download.

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