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I do have an idea on how to update the layout of the items which will keep the Next and Previous buttons aligned properly. I don't know if it will lead to something like that, the columns will still be there. This is something for down the road, not any time soon.

Do post any ideas you have to help improve the interface. Better yet, post it with an image.

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I have a theme that is very similar to what you are asking for...just not quite like the Microsoft form. I think you could tweak this a bit more and make it look more like what you want or do a screenshot of what you have and add it as the wallpaper. Fit the layerboxes in wpi.htm under themes to your "white box" in the new wallpaper.

I've changed the resolution to match the window you see (api.js and optionswizardtemplate_interface.htm)...300x384

I've tweaked the wpi.hta to give me a border though you could probably make your own border to look more like your screenshot.

I've also tweaked out the wpi.htm and wpi.css inside of Glossy_Horiz and use this as the theme. Created a layer to hold the groupbox, got rid of all the extra buttons and added the Install and Cancel button, reduced the size of the layerboxes to fit within the wallpaper which was tweaked to give a white box on gray background. I think you could probably comment out the addition of category in boxes.js and would clean that up a bit.

Download Here

Finally, you could make the installer.hta look like your front-end but would require a bit more work.

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