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  1. WPI look

    lawrenca: Link not working!!!! please adjust, i are interested. Tnx
  2. Portable WinFuture XP-ISO-Builder 3.0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Using WinFuture XP-ISO-Builder you can easily extend your Windows CD with many very useful functions. It does not matter, if you´re running Windows 2000, XP or 2003 - WinFuture XP-ISO-Builder integrates the latest Service Pack or system files, that allow using unauthorized visual styles and more. You can add drivers for your system´s hardware, too. Additionally you can create user accounts, change registry settings and remove unnecessary folders from the installation disc. Features: * Integrate Service Packs & Updates * Integrate user accounts * Change registry settings * Unattended (automatic) installation incl. registration key and creation of user data * Change paths of different system folders * Change launch modes of system services * Defining pagefiles * Integrate user-defined desktop theme * Integrate your own fonts * Integrate controller drivers for SATA, RAID, etc. * Integrate device drivers for graphics, sound, network, etc. * Integrate service and security updates * Integrate applications * Remove unnecessary folders * Integrate your own folders * Convert Recovery-CDs * Enable usage of unauthorized visual styles * Speed up internet after installation of SP2 (TCP/IP patch) * Includes profile management for easy recovery of different settings made * Languages: German, English * Clarifications concerning every action * Create bootable CD/DVD-ISO-Image Download: 1.29mb Code: http://rapidshare.de/files/27055708/Port_W...er_3.0.exe.html and Update installable Code: http://www.winfuture.de/downloadstart,1154097399,1654.html bye
  3. Editing the Title in WPI

    In the folder wpiscripts file config.js and make your change.