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Slipstreaming creates undeletable folders


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I've created a few XP disks with integrated service packs, but when it unzips them to prepare for slipstreaming, it will create folders with random numbers and letters (9649e599c4ace7ecbadf93db23db72ab) and now I can't delete them.

I can delete everything inside them except the folders because it says I don't have permission to even though I am the administrator on this machine.

Anyone know what's the deal with this?

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I have this problem occasionally when applying hotfixes ... they extract to my E Drive, then become undeletable.

To expand on what J.C. said .....

Go to "Folder Options" ---> "View" and uncheck "Use Simple File Sharing".

Right click on the folder in question --> click "Security" tab and check the permissions. If that doesn't do it, click the "Advanced" button ---> "Owner" tab.

I don't have a current undeletable folder to walk it through from there, but basically you need to take ownership of the folder via the "Owner" screen.

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