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  1. Excellent, I had to take ownership of the folder and apply to all subfolders to delete them. Windows sure does suck
  2. Well I've tried the unlocker utility, dr. delete, as well as a number of other things and the folders still remain inaccessable and undeleteable. Anyone have any other options?
  3. The thing is, the files were created on this username and this username is the admin account. So I should be able to delete the files anyway..
  4. I've created a few XP disks with integrated service packs, but when it unzips them to prepare for slipstreaming, it will create folders with random numbers and letters (9649e599c4ace7ecbadf93db23db72ab) and now I can't delete them. I can delete everything inside them except the folders because it says I don't have permission to even though I am the administrator on this machine. Anyone know what's the deal with this?

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