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Xbox 360 And Win2K Server


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Hi guys,

I didn't really know where to post this question, as it involves Consoles, Windows, Networking, and probably alot of hair pulling outing. :D

Basically, we've got a "Family" server, running Win2k Server. It holds all the familys music, movies, photos and recorded TV. Allowing access to those files from any PC in the house.

We also have an Xbox360, which will conect to the Media Centre PC and all the XP PC's. But not the Server. :(

Anyone know of away to connect the 360 to Win2K Server ?

So you can have full access to all the familes files without have to have shared folders everywhere.

Thanks Guys.

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Basically, the 360 only connects to XP MCE - which is why I'm not interested in one. It doesn't connect via SMB and play other codecs like that. There are projects like transcode 360 that you can look into, but for playing stuff like that, nothing beats the original XBOX with XBMC.

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I didn't know about that Media Connect thing. Very nice!

Perhaps I'll look into getting a Xbox 360 sometime then :thumbup

I'll have to look into it, see how the interface is, what it'll play and such (as long as it supoprts MPEG4 ASP & AVC and can also play mp3s, that's the main thing)

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I'm with you on the Xbox thing, I still love the old Xbox with XBMC its played everything i've thrown at it.

But the kids seem to think that playing games is more important. :blink:

The 360 ONLY plays WMV, MPEG2 and MS-DVR videos from an MCE box, you'll have to use 3rd party apps to get it to play anything else. From an XP PC it'll play MP3's, WMA's, and pictures.


Thanks for the link, i'll give it go tomorrow night. :)

Everything I tried lead me to Xbox.com but the links there only worked for XP.

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Media Connect won't allow you to play videos, only music/pictures.

You need a full-blown MCE box to utilise videos :)

Oh, so I wasn't wrong then (I did mean for videos, although I must admit I wasn't clear on this).

Oh well. One less expensive gadget to buy :lol:

ZaForD: Yeah, that's what I meant. And Transcode 360 is hardly the answer.

I'll stick to XBMC after all :) Works great, no complaints whatsoever.

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Hi Guys,

Been messing with this for the last couple of hours, with no luck.

The media connect file undeadsoldier posted failed to install "Wrong OS for this update"

I went back to Xbox.com and tried the two files they had, but no luck again. :(

Thanks for trying Guys.

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There is a way to install it :)

Remember the ol' "Install Live Messenger" on 2000 hack? Do the same with this file. Unfortunately I remove all installation programs when I'm finished with them :( I'll look around and see if people have done the same :)

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