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98se updates


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ive got a couple of old DELL optiplex gx1 desktop computers i use in my workshop. there all networked to my main computers in the house 1=xp pro the other linux suse 10.0

my problem is i re-installed the 98 se computers and tried to put my new macaffee internet security software on but it asked for internet explorer 6 or higher. i opened windowsw update and was told there not updating 98 anymore

whats to happen to usw users that like the 98se os

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The problem isn't with not having Internet Explorer 6. In fact, if you've been updating 98SE you have Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 plus a slew of updates to it.

The problem is that McAfee's new software doesn't support 9x period.

For your 9x boxes, you'll need to use other solutions. Avast Home Edition or AVG Free are both great free Anti-Virus programs.

ZoneAlarm offers version 6.1.744.001 (I think that's the number) as the last 9x compatible firewall from ZoneLabs. Just don't get anything from the new 6.5 series.

Spybot Search and Destroy and Ad-Aware are good spyware detector's.

And keep up with the updates from thread's on this forum or reading mdgx.com. Don't depend on Windows Update. Use package's like Gape's Unofficial Service Pack, MDGx's 98SE2ME, 98SE2XP, 98SEMP10, and your personally downloaded updates that are fixed versions of those that Windows Update is supposed to provide but doesn't.

You'll be fine and secure for a long time on 98SE as long as you do some work.

No, you shouldn't use it as it comes out of the box. Download the updates for 98SE, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, MDAC, the add-on's, etc, burn them to cdr's and install them. And run the 9x compatible security tool's.

Links to these and all sorts of stuff are all over these forum's and on mdgx.com.

A bit of work but once you do it you're up and running and secure. You could image the hard drive's if you don't want to go through the entire process again on the same hardware.

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It is possible to jimmy up a McAfee installation that uses the current DAT files and engine on 98SE. Not possible with the current software, but if you have access to McAfee Home Edition 7 you can update it manually with the product updates to 7.03 and playing with the newer engine files and DAT files.

I learned how to do this by browsing around the McAfee forums. I tried it for fun and it works perfectly. Even used the version 4.02 firewall. Once you get the updates and engine running it's easy to update the DAT's with the latest one's. Gotta use the VShield's vxd file from the 4320 engine since the newer one's slow 98 to a crawl. Search around over there if you're interested.

However it is so much easier to just use a current free product that the whole thing isn't worth the bother. It works fine but so do the free products that are supported and update themselves automatically.

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You obviously never dealt with McAfee's, I use the following terms loosely, "Customer Service", or "Tech Support".
Duh, why not add to that, "Effective" or "Non Invasive". Neither applies to McAfee.

When it comes to Bloatware like McAfee or Norton, I use other terms, like, KILL, DELETE, REMOVE, UN-INSTALL, or DESTROY! :lol::lol::lol: (expletives deleted by author)

OH, I forgot the most important word of all.......REPLACE!

Avast Home Edition or AVG Free are both great free Anti-Virus programs.

Now, there's a worthwhile thought! Why not go FREE and get a better product in the deal?

Take AVG 7.1 FREE, for instance, (that's what I've used for over two years and share with all my hundreds of customers)........ Install it and set the Scheduler for a daily update and scan and sit back and relax knowing you're virus free and most likely will stay that way.

If you're a complete AV spaz, then do the manual update three times a day. Chances are you'll get an update every time you check for it. I've had up to four updates in just one day with AVG and even got one on Easter morning.

They sell their Retail Product to Business and Industry all over Europe. They have to stay on top of the Virus situation to stay in business.

What the heck....it's FREE to home users.....give it a try!!!


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Hey Andromeda ...

I couldn't agree more.


With a sensible combination of FREE software, one can protect your beloved Win98se very effectively.

FIRST ... although Microsoft have stopped supporting Win98, all the updates and security patches etc (up until about July) are still available on the WindowsUpdate site. That's the first move for anyboy to make - grab every MS critical update and patch you can (while they are still there for us)

SECOND ... although one single FREE product might not "do it" 100% effectively, using a combination should ensure your Win98se (along with the MS critical updates) is as secure as can be.

My personal combination :

* Zone Alarm free

* AVG free

* Ad-aware SE (free)

* Spybot S+D (Search and Destroy) - also free.

THIRD ... now and again I go to one of the websites that do online scans for free. McAfee, Trend, F-Secure, Symantec and Kaspersky all have quite extensive (and completely up-to-date) scanning (free)

For Malware/Spyware, the Webroot Spysweeper is very good.

I also use MailWasher to view my e-mails subject titles and who sent them BEFORE downloading them onto my own computer (I use Outlook Express) In this way you can delete all crap e-mail, spam, and suspicious mails BEFORE they even touch your computer.

MailWasher is now commercial, but you can get a perfectly good FREE version that works great on Win98 at that great website "Last Freeware Versions" : http://www.321download.com/LastFreeware/

In my opinion, such a combination of FREE software works just as well (in fact even better!) than depending on just one, bloated and overly-priced commerical product.

Hope this helps some of you.

Go for it and best wishes ...

Dr. Mac

Edited by Dr. Mac
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