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  1. ive just re-installed my xp box but now im getting a screen showing press ctrl+alt to run recovery genius can anyone tell me how to stop this coming up. the system runs swmooth and theres no errors apart from the screen i said
  2. just unistalled tycoon and rebooted. installed tycoon again ,rebooted and defrag. tried to play game and getting same error messages
  3. was thinking maybe rct3 not compatible with 98se or it may need more memory
  4. running 98se heres details of the "illegal operation" RCT3 caused an invalid page fault in module RCT3.EXE at 01af:008be830. Registers: EAX=00000000 CS=01af EIP=008be830 EFLGS=00010246 EBX=00000003 SS=01b7 ESP=014dfb0c EBP=00000258 ECX=00000000 DS=01b7 ESI=00000002 FS=133f EDX=80005a60 ES=01b7 EDI=00000320 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 8b 10 8b c8 ff 92 d0 00 00 00 8b 10 8b c8 ff 52 Stack dump: 00000000 00000000 014dfe38 013d0000 01f926b0 01f927e0 01f928a0 00000000 ffffffff 01f92950 01f92810 01f92810 01f9242e 00000001 00000320 00000258
  5. ive just installed a game rollercoaster tycoon 3 and when i try to play it ,its saying it cant find direct x9.then it says continue trying to load, i press ok but it says this has preformed an illegal operation and closes. ive downloaded direct x 9 and installed it....... anyone any ideas please
  6. i ran m.e for around 3 years. i had no trouble with it at all. then my children wanted xp as thats what they were using at school. and thats when the problems started , pc running slow, although it was a 1.1, with 512 sdram. 40gig hard drive. virus after virus crashes physical dumps, the list is endless.now i use linux but keep a small pc running 98 se for the odd thing i cant do on my other computers
  7. i cant see a win98 subfolder all win98 cab folders and drivers etc
  8. everytime i add hardware or something it always asks me for my windows disc. ive been told to add my cab files ? and this will stop it does anyone know how to stop it asking for the cd
  9. problem solved, it only did it twice then not since?? now got error coming up if im on internet sometimes it says program performed an illegal operation iexplorer embedding collecting information about 32bit modules but it doesnt close only thing i can do is restart pc
  10. i just set up my net work and during which it asked for my windows 98se disc to finish the setup. then told me it needed to reboot. then came the BSOD. any suggestions
  11. PROBLEM SOLVED heres what i did incase anyone else runs into this situation run network setup wizard on the xp box and create start up disc, run start up disc on 98 box or boxes, it might ask for the windoes disc to finish the setup im able to view each computer from each other
  12. ive 2 computers running 98se and an xp box that i need to network ive tried google but most of it goes over my head any help appreciated
  13. il just stick with my norton, now im just working out which updates to run from mdgx.com
  14. ive 2 computers and if i install 98se on either or xp pro on either both will freeze after a while. if ran maxtor diagnostics tool and seems fine. if i do a low level format the same happens. BUT if i put linux on either machine the problem doesnt exsist
  15. i myself have been using xp pro +service pack 2 for a while now with a home network consisting of 4 computers main pc = xp pro 2nd pc= suse 10.0 +xp pro dualboot system xp hardly used on this pc 3rd +4th = 98se out of these computers the only one i can truely say i trust is the linux box all widows computers have registry mechanic + adaware se + norton antivirus all are on cable broadband to be honest i cant wait to put all on linux but the kids like the sims which i havent got working on suse yet
  16. ive got a couple of old DELL optiplex gx1 desktop computers i use in my workshop. there all networked to my main computers in the house 1=xp pro the other linux suse 10.0 my problem is i re-installed the 98 se computers and tried to put my new macaffee internet security software on but it asked for internet explorer 6 or higher. i opened windowsw update and was told there not updating 98 anymore whats to happen to usw users that like the 98se os

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