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Need PCI Communication Device Driver


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HI everyone.

I'm new in this forum and need some help .. hope some one of U can help me.

I have WIN ME on my computer and i need the PCI COMMUNICATION DEVISE DRIVER.

I can't find that driver on my Windows that means my windows can not finde that driver Automaticaly. SO please help me.....

Thanks in Advanture... :):rolleyes:

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i would guess that this is either a modem or a network adapter.

witch one is missing from you system at the moment?

in any case you will have to find out what make is it, eoither check documentation for the system, or if you dont have any, you will have to open the computer and see what it is...

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It's looking for the modem driver...Windows won't have it. The driver should have come on a cd with the system.

yep probably a modem, so look for a cd with drivers install that came (if any) with the system....

btw, if you dont use a modem, you can just leave it...

in case its a network adapter, you probably will need it, so look for drivers...

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IM using ADSL and its working fine.......

Actueally i havet installed that windows from that cd which firme have given to me bec they have a lot of program whcih im not using... so that way i have install an other win ME ....... and thats way thay cant finde that driver :)

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the PCI COMMUNICATION DEVISE would refer to an analog modem (56k), so if you dont need it, just leave it...

if it annoyes you, look for a cd that says 'Device Drivers' on it, or something similar, there you will probably find the right driver

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PCI COMMUNICATION DEVICE not always mean it's modem, but in 90% it's modem, so today's modem's are WINMODEM's based on Rockwell Semiconductor Systems Inc. and Conexant Systems Inc chipset's, you have to find driver's for your chipset, look at modem and you will know maybe it's one of this, next you must find drivers try on microsoft (Windows ME HSF Drivers Signed<--- try this), or try on Rocwell and Conexant pages. I have this situation and i found drivers on conexant page.

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