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Whats rational suite: Can it be installed on XP/XP pro


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Hey guys !

just out of curiosity I was reading about Rational suite by IBM ..... is it the answer to Visual studio by IBM .........

There are some wiered tools like Rational Rose, purify plus, clearcase ... etc .... can anyone give me a small overview ....

I did see the IBM website but their descriptions are too business oriented .... seems like each software is made to conquer the world and solve all problems ... I need a lamer rundown ......

Also Whats the deal with UML .... is it used with Rational too ...... and Last but not least can Rational suite be installed on Windows like XP/XP pro ...... or do u need a sever for it like Windows server 2003 ....

Enlighten me Please .... :D

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Rational Rose is horrible horrible software. I was forced to use it in one of my classes, since my prof was one of the guys who wrote the stupid thing.

UML diagrams can be made with several different types of software. Microsoft Visio can make UML diagrams quite easily, and there are plenty of other alternatives to Rational Rose.

Visual Studio is a much easier alternative to work with than RR. Save yourself the headache and don't get it. :)

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I can't get it my friend ..... my company might be implementing it seems like there going the wrong way ... but oh well !!! can't help them there I would defintely put a word in ........

ITs all that hype of becoming an IBM partner and all those commercials from IBM inspiring them to grwo their business through IBM ...... anyhoo .... when u worked on Rational suite did u work in windows or Linux .... I wanted to know if it can be installed on Windows ......

I doubt I'll be working on rational Rose .... seems like I'll be working on the other mumbo jumbo like Rational Purify plus and clearcase .... can I install them just on their own .... I have no clue but will have to learn up fast before the managers start screaming at me ... lol ... btw ... What the hell is UML and What is it used for ?

I think I am asking too many questions .... lol ... believe me this is the last batch ... won't bug anymore

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I used it in Windows 2000. I'm assuming that it would also install on XP without problems.

UML stands for Unified Modeling Language. It provides a simple way of explaining the relationships within your software, and gives you a foundation upon which to write your code. For more information, the wikipedia page here has a really thorough explanation of UML.

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Zxian is right. You do NOT want to use that junk!

And nope, it's no replacement for Visual Studio in any way...

There are FAR better tools out there for all of that (and it's not like IBM's stuff's inexpensive either)

The day they ask us to use that horrible thing at work, I'll start looking for another job...

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And yeah I've used it in school and it's in no way a good program to do UML in, it's very bloated and slow.

Why do people judge a program just because of "bloat"? That's not the main reason why RR is horrible. It's just the fact that the software that you're supposed to design software in is a pain in the butt.

To give one example of how un-user-friendly it is, when you're laying down relationships between various classes, you have to click on the "relationship" button every freakin' time. You can't click from A to B, and then from B to C - oh no... that would be too hard to implement. You have to click on the "relationship" button, go from A to B, then click on the button again, then go from B to C.


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