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  1. I can't get it my friend ..... my company might be implementing it seems like there going the wrong way ... but oh well !!! can't help them there I would defintely put a word in ........ ITs all that hype of becoming an IBM partner and all those commercials from IBM inspiring them to grwo their business through IBM ...... anyhoo .... when u worked on Rational suite did u work in windows or Linux .... I wanted to know if it can be installed on Windows ...... I doubt I'll be working on rational Rose .... seems like I'll be working on the other mumbo jumbo like Rational Purify plus and clearcase .... can I install them just on their own .... I have no clue but will have to learn up fast before the managers start screaming at me ... lol ... btw ... What the hell is UML and What is it used for ? I think I am asking too many questions .... lol ... believe me this is the last batch ... won't bug anymore
  2. Hey guys ! just out of curiosity I was reading about Rational suite by IBM ..... is it the answer to Visual studio by IBM ......... There are some wiered tools like Rational Rose, purify plus, clearcase ... etc .... can anyone give me a small overview .... I did see the IBM website but their descriptions are too business oriented .... seems like each software is made to conquer the world and solve all problems ... I need a lamer rundown ...... Also Whats the deal with UML .... is it used with Rational too ...... and Last but not least can Rational suite be installed on Windows like XP/XP pro ...... or do u need a sever for it like Windows server 2003 .... Enlighten me Please ....
  3. well routing makes sense but I don't intend to connect any computers to this domain ..... the domain name is "virtualvidya.vp" all I want is for the first DNS server to handle all calls to this domain and forward all the rest of the calls to the other DNS servers ....... will you think this will work .... if so how can I arrange that in DNS
  4. YIPPEEEEEE !!!! I got it to work guys ..... thanks to all you guys for all the contributions ..... anyway I had to reinstall the OS so that was the hard part and I promoted it to a domain controller before I connected it to the company intranet ..... so before connecting to the company intranet I installed a microsoft loopback adapter and then ran "dcpromo" and created the domain and everything again .... then after that I connected it to company intranet/internet with the other NIC card ........ Active Directory works .... I am so glad to be able to see the domain in AD and not get an errors...... The DNS is still a little choppy though .... if I enable both the NIC's then DNS has trouble resolving so if I want to browze the company intranet/internet I have to disable the domain NIC and the loopback adapter ..... and vice versa ... any solutions for that ....... THANKS AGAIN GUYS
  5. well I have diabled my primary NIC card which connects to the company intranet/internet ..... so this is a standalond DC now connected to nothing at all........ All I have now is a the other NIC card on which I have set up the domain "virtualvidya.com" Here is the info on that card IP: subnet: Gateway: DNS: This card is not connected to any computer and shows a disconnected sign ... also the DNS server is running and pings are fine and returing fine too ... What can I do next.... Even after the error when I click ok the Active Directory window opens up and when I browse for the domain I can see the domian "virtualvidya" in the domains found but when I select it it tells me it couldn't find the RPC server ... and then an error in shown in window.... My dreams of running AD are now shattered I think .... I have little hope left .... I've even tried to reinstall Active directory twice but now good ....
  6. Yes DNS Server is running on the same machine .... sorry typo on that its SUBNET MASK AND not DNS .... I also removed the DNS entry
  7. hey everybody ! First a little history of what I did: I am trying to setup a testing server to learn more about windows 2003 server without killing everybody's else's network at work (so I set up an entirely new domain in a new forest) ... the computer that I am setting up this server on has two network cards 1. first card is connected to the company intranet/internet 2. second card (this is the one I am setting up the test domain on) Both cards have absolutely different gateways and DNS system and I don't want them to be connected in anyway .... since this is a test server I don't want anybody accessing this domain ..... so I have everything setup .... everything seems to be working and I can access the both the intranet/internet from the first card when i want to and also access the new domain as well by running IIS on the same server ..... The settings of the second card are as follows : IP : DNS: Gateway: Preffered DNS server: Alternate DNS server: This card has no connections going out from it and is disconnected. Don't have another machine lying around wish I did... ping works fine too I can ping and I get a reply and I can also ping virtualvidya.com and I also get a reply ... so I guess DNS is working fine so Now the PROBLEM : Now when I click on anything related to active directory from administrative tools I get weired errors ..... in short and simple way I cannot access the new forest and domain I setup through active directory. Errors I get are listed as follows: 1. Clicking on 'Active directory domains and trusts' : The configuration information describing this enterprise is not available The server is not operational' 2. Clicking on 'Active directory sites and services: Naming information cannot be located for the following reason. The server is not operational' 3. Clicking on 'Active directory Users and computers' : Naming information cannot be located for the following reason. The server is not operational' Can anyone please help me solve this problem ... saw an article in microsoft help which says that I should enable TCP/IP filtering ... so I did it on the second card through the advanced options in TCP/IP properties and also permit all on TCP, UDP and IP protocols .... Active directory still has problems finding the server .... can anyone please help
  8. hi ! Caught in a little situation here ..... a little history before I give u the problem ... I have a dell machine on which I installed a new hard drive and partationed it to install two OS's on it (Win 2K and Win XP pro) .... its working great and I have the multiboot setup perfect..... My motherboard doesn't support SATA so I bought a SATA card and installed it on the motherboard and hooked up a SATA hard drive to it Now the problem: 1. When I boot my computer I get this weired screen now which says "No Raid" and something else and then it jumps to the multiboot menu... 2. The SATA card has an extra IDE channel so I want to hook up and old hard drive to it and install linux on that drive .... is it possible .. if so will it destroy my multiboot ? I still want to to be able to multiboot to Win2K or XP pro .... Any help would be great .... thanx
  9. hey ! I got a quick question ... I have Win 2k and Win XP pro multibooted on one machine ..... have decided to upgrade my Win 2k to the pro version .... but I am scared the only way would be to reformat and do it again ... both OS are installled on one hard drive on separate partations .... can anyone suggest a way to upgrade my win 2k to win 2k pro without losing my stuff on Win XP or my multiboot functionality .... I have the boot.ini file backed up in all cases something goes wrong and wouldn;t mind getting nitty gritty on the file level ..... need some direction on how to do it though .... Any help would be great ...
  10. Hi ! I have a testing machine and it has three OS's installed on it ..... Windows 2000 pro .. Win xp pro and Windows 2003 -- web server I wanted to upgrade that Web server to a standard server .... but the only way to do it is to make a new installation ...... my question was that if I go ahead with a new installation of the standard server will if affect the boot.ini ..... and will I still be able to multiboot to any of the three OS's .... I already have backups created but would created on another machine .... This machine has a primary drive split into three partations and and each has one OS installed on it ..... Would I be able to go ahead and make a new installation of Windows 2003 standard ..... and not kill the multiboot that already exists ...
  11. hi ! I am going to get straight to the point .. I have four operating systems installed on my machine Win XP, Win XP pro, Windows 2003 server and Windows 2000 pro ...... everything worked great a few days ago ... all operating systems could boot ..... but untill recently windows 2003 server cannot boot .... I haven't really done anything to the MBR ... never even touched it ... all I have done is moved some files into to Windows 2003 server installation partation when I was logged in Win XP .... thats it but everytime I select Windows 2003 server from the boot menu it bounces back ... the screen goes blank for a second as if the OS is about to start then the computer reboots itself and jumps back the boot menu .... How do I fix this .... Please don't tell me that I have to renistall I have gone through much pain recently .... is there a way I can fix this .... any help would be great.

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