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Vista Pricing


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Huh... still expensive. What did you expect from Microsoft? Money hungry company. Wonder if Vista is going to be a success though.

Yeah, it's never been free, but you can get a legit copy of windows for not too much (96$CAD last I checked for XP Home OEM - under 100$USD with tax for sure). Whereas Vista... (of course OEM versions of it will be cheaper, but still) Mind you, their desktop OS isn't extremely overpriced just yet, unlike Windows 2003 in a way: it's cheap for a server, but when you just need it to develop stuff that needs to run on it (e.g. runs on IIS6, or needs a DB or app that'll only install on windows server, or such things). I pretty much require it, but it's not exactly cheap (I wish they had a "Developper Edition" just like they have for SQL server -- which is only 50$!)

As for being a success... Well, of course it will. It'll ship on every single new PC (not talking about self-built/whiteboxes), and since every gamer will want DirectX 10 all those people will move to it as well, and soon enough other apps will need it, some people will want Aero (so much people that like pretty looks over everything else - look at the mac fanboys or people that use stardock stuff), etc. There's a few people that won't convert instantly, or that won't install it on their old PCs, but that's expected. Just like a lot of people didn't want to move from 2k to xp (some still haven't), saying it's just a new skin over win2k or such (totally disregarding everything new/improved - facts don't matter here, they won't accept anything and still run their old OS regardless). Long story short, it's only a matter of time before it's on most PCs.

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now only if i could get linux to work with my vid card...

You shan't have any problem with Nvidia.

i tried 3 different linux's and all said that my vid card was unsupported and it wouldnt install.

Then you're required to wait. It's probably because the current Linux binaries don't support the latest GeForces.

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I tried to run Knoppix on a friend's Dell Optiplex (can't remember the model) and I got "unknown videocard" and "unknown soundcard", although they were both pretty popular. Obviously, Knoppix didn't run.

Thing is some hardware manufacturers, for some weird reason known only to them, try to be fancy and "protect" or "hide" the hardware IDs in a way that no other software but theirs can detect and configure it properly.

After (unsuccesfully) playing with Linux, I installed XP Pro on that box. Couldn't get any reference on the two either (not to mention about drivers) until I downloaded and installed specific drivers from Dell.

Needless to say, I would never waste my money on such POS.

You might be in a similar situation. Try installing your videocard in another box and run a live Linux CD on it, see if it gets detected.

Oh and something on topic... I got 4 machines: a Pentium 166MHz, 2 x PentiumMMX 200MHz and one Pentium III 800MHz, all home made. Which one do you think would support Vista best?

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