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Driver packs Help Please

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Hello i am trying to put in Driver packs from driverpacks.net into my Multiboot DVD.

But i having problem understanding how to do it right. ther seams not to be i good easy to understand guide on the Driverpacks base version i am using.

I am using DriverPacks BASE v6.06.1 and trying to use method 2 dont now if this is the best method? My Location where XP Pro are is


and for Home


Then i have the boot folders Where WINNT.SIF AND TXTSETUP.SIF are in

E:\AIO-DVD\PRO1 for regular install and

E:\AIO-DVD\PRO2 for unatended install

E:\AIO-DVD\HOM1 for regular and

E:\AIO-DVD\HOM2 unatended.

The Driver Packs i am trying to install are








I have tried to do it like this I downloaded the driver packs then i put them in DriverPacks dir then i run DPs_BASE.exe and ther i put in the Location E:\AIO-DVD\SETUP\XPPRO next i selected the driverpacks next i choose method 2 then a method to finish guiRunOnce then disable KTD next Enable the quickstream cache next ATI catalyst control Panel and finaly slipstream. When this whas done i could find a new dir in the XPPRO dir named OEM and in OEM a bin folder. Dont now if ther is any more to be done or if i doing it wrong some how but this does not work for me so pleas can someone explain step by step how i should do this right. :blushing:

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