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  1. it did not work. I have this in my winnt.sif now [GUIRunOnce] FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\BOOTFONT.BIN SET CDROM=%%i: start /wait %CDROM%\SETUP\Runonceex.cmd command9="%SystemDrive%\DPsFnshr.exe" And i am geting this error. Line 23 in INF-FILE \PRO1\Winnt.sif is Wrong. I want to use the WINNT.SIF to installing a .CMD direct from the cdrom but i am missing something.
  2. Helo How do i use this to find my cdrom in Winnt.sif under [GuiRunOnce] eg SET TAGG=\BOOTFONT.BIN FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\%TAGG%" SET CDROM=%%i: It dont work if i put it in like this i get an error in that line.
  3. This is weird when i have the section [unattended] in winnt.sif the OemSkipEula=No dont work it wont display the Eula txt and the press r to repair menu is also gone but when i remove the [unattended] section it works is this a bug??. But if a remove the [unattended] section i cant use OemPreinstall=Yes. hopes someone can explain this or confirm sorry if my en isnt so good
  4. Helo I am trieing to make a AIO DVD with winXP,winhome and mce and now i have gott som problem with the Winnt.sif file. I have one winxp pro unattend that boots from pro1 and one winxp regular install that boots from pro2 boot folder and now for the problem. It goes like this when i install the unattended all works well butt wen i do a regular install i whant all the regular settings to work like it does when you dont use the winnt.sif file it refuse to take my settings in the winnt.sif. The settings it refuse to take is press r to repair menu and OemSkipEula=No. I have tried every setting
  5. is ther nobody that knows about this greate app Pleas help is ther a way ? somone
  6. Helo is ther a whay to silent install this prog?? Compu Pic Pro If so please help me out i cant find the awnser anywhere on this forum.
  7. Please can you explain more how this works step by step i am trying this to Do i copy the hole iso to the dvd or do i extract it? do i copy any boot img from the iso or is it posible to run the iso directly?
  8. Yes i Would like to test it. I am trying to put in driverpacks on my multiboot dvd but i kind of lost on how to do it right ther seams not to be a new up to date guides on how to do this on multiboot dvd. so am realy nead som professional help with my dvd setup here http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=80081 Is ther a way to download a newer version of DriverPacks BASE than version 6.06.1 to test ?
  9. Yes this will be nice when DriverPacks BASE 6.08 is released soon But DriverPacks BASE has already had native multibootDisc support but not through the GUI and it would be nice to know how to use it now to fix my dvd setup to work or if it is other whay to do do it manual
  10. Hello i am trying to put in Driver packs from driverpacks.net into my Multiboot DVD. But i having problem understanding how to do it right. ther seams not to be i good easy to understand guide on the Driverpacks base version i am using. I am using DriverPacks BASE v6.06.1 and trying to use method 2 dont now if this is the best method? My Location where XP Pro are is E:\AIO-DVD\SETUP\XPPRO and for Home E:\AIO-DVD\SETUP\HOME Then i have the boot folders Where WINNT.SIF AND TXTSETUP.SIF are in E:\AIO-DVD\PRO1 for regular install and E:\AIO-DVD\PRO2 for unatended install E:\AIO-DVD\HOM1 for
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