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Errors right before reboot

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I tried to test my cd with VMware WS5.5 but im getting this error right after it finishes copying all my files. I used RVM integrator1.4 to apply updates and a handful of addons. Then nlite 1.01 to apply some reg tweaks and make the winnt.sif file. Then i used powerpacker 1.0 RC8 beta 4 to add the driver packs and make a bootable iso with my $OEM$ directory which has Office 2003 pro setup to do a unattended install. I used method 1 for the driver packs if it matters.

Anyone have any ideas?


Here is my winnt.sif file

; Generated by nLite 1.0.1

AutomaticUpdates = "Yes"
Autopartition = 0
MsDosInitiated = 0
UnattendedInstall = "Yes"

UnattendMode = DefaultHide
UnattendSwitch = "No"
OemPreinstall = "Yes"
OemSkipEula = "Yes"
FileSystem = *
WaitForReboot = "No"
NoWaitAfterTextMode = 1
NoWaitAfterGUIMode = 1
DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
NonDriverSigningPolicy = Ignore

Xresolution = 1280
Yresolution = 1024
BitsPerPel = 32
Vrefresh = 60

MaximumDataStorePercentOfDisk = 06
RestorePointLife = 360

SkipMissingFiles = "No"

EncryptedAdminPassword = "No"
TimeZone = 035
OEMSkipRegional = 1
OemSkipWelcome = 1

Iis_common = On
Iis_inetmgr = On
Iis_nntp = On
Iis_smtp = On
Iis_webadmin = On
Iis_webdav = On
Iis_www = On
Iis_asp = On

ProductKey = "****-****-****-****-****"
ComputerName = MAIN
FullName = "J** **** ***"
OrgName = "****"


InstallDefaultComponents = "Yes"

JoinWorkgroup = "home"



EDIT: fixed the code tag, and now codebox - tain

Edited by TAiN

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It is not an error caused by PowerPacker. You have done many modifications... it would be difficult for anyone to troubleshoot it for you. I use method 2 for the driverpacks though. On a multiboot disk I highly reccommend method 2.

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