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  1. Where are the Dev builds Nitro322 mentioned before?
  2. I think you got this wrong, if I were a virus and wanted to destroy data on your disk I wouldn't care being able to READ actual data (i.e. no need to have a filesystem driver), I would just write "random" values to your hard disk through RAW write access. jaclaz Most viruses today do not destroy your data but rather take over your pc to use it to send spam or otherwise make the author some money.
  3. What about using a linux boot manager and have the rescue partition on a linux fs so that a virus can't corrupt/infect it. Also use an sd card to hold the partition with the MBR since they have a write protect switch. Just my random thoughts. http://www.addonics.com/products/flash_mem...r/adebidecf.asp
  4. Heres an idea, how about just a simple script to create the second partition when windows finishes. Then you use a boot manager that allows access with a hot key during bootup. Then have a copy of WinPE on the second partition run a reimaging script.
  5. It has php5. Fedora 4 is the os. Is there a way to tell what the compile options where for the last time it was compiled?
  6. You don't need to validate office to download it. It is Validation recomended not required.
  7. Hey all, I need a lil help with adding the DBX ext into php on my plesk server. Im very good with this kinda stuff in windows but linux looks frightening to me, plus it seems twice as easy to mess it up bc i have plesk installed.
  8. Unless your very careful to not change any options at all you can only run nLite once.
  9. I know you said not to post about updates, but since this app doesnt have new versions often it might have been overlooked. AutoIT
  10. I used the latest Integrator, and set it up to run WPI with the runonceex method. Then used PP to add driver packs and make the ISO for me. But it doesn't copy the WPI directory over with it. Should WPI still go in the root of the CD or next to the $OEM$ and i386 directory's? Thanks for you help! And thanks for the great software!
  11. Can the WPI directory be added as an extra root source or do i need to put WPI in a directory of its own then add it?
  12. I like the idea to download the programs from the Internet, but it would need to be able to adapt to different versions of the program if the file name changes. I think a Universal Silent Switch Finder button would be awesome. Also a easier way to add dependencies, for instance it could show a screen of the current installs and allow you to simply select which ones are required. A function that would read the meta data off of an installer to fill in the version number and program name would make things much quicker too.
  13. Well i found the problem after making about 10 builds. My copy of VMWare was corrupted but only enough that it was causing errors when a VM was running. The reson it was corruputed was because my machine has been rebooting every so often. The reson it was rebooting is because i had installed the novell drivers that come with xp, they made it so i could not boot into xp at all, i had done a repair install to fix that issue and then this started. Thanks RogueSpear for tring to help! Hope to see more great Addons from you in the future:-)
  14. I have been using the same source that worked with just the update pack installed. I just build another one with a handful of addons that got farther along than before. Then i let it reboot and it ran chkdsk in the VM, 100s of errors in chkdsk, and rebooted again and is getting further along. But something is still really off obviously. I used these addons in addition to the update pack. RogueSpearAddonsRuntimesInstaller_1.2.zip RVMAddonsWGA_1.5.540.0.7z Accessories_Ad-awareSE_Personal-AutoUpdate_SiginetAddons.cab AIO_DVDBACKUP_PACKV1.1_ADDON.CAB Boooggy_CCleanerAddon.cab Boooggy_WMP11Addon.7z Foxy_7-Zip_4.42_Addon_v1.0.cab Foxy_WhatsRunning_2.2_Addon_v1.0.cab Kels_CPLBonus_addon_v3.5.CAB Kels_JJ_CPU-Z_addon_v1.35.CAB Kels_UPXShell_Addon_v3.2.1build2007.CAB Moonlite_Desklay_Addon_2.0.cab MrsP_Copy_Message_Box_Addon_v2.2.cab MrsP_Screamer_Radio_Addon_v0.3.8.cab MrsP_Startup_Delayer_CPL_Addon_v2.1.10.cab MrsP_Switch_Off_Addon_v2.3.cab PatchAddon_HIVESYS.cab PatchAddon_TCPIP.cab PatchAddon_XPRAID.cab ProgramAddonsSpybot.cab RogueSpearAddonsAdobeReader_7.0.8.cab - current state after about 8 builds today, lol
  15. I tried doing that already. I'm gonna try and just do the post sp2 updates and see have happens with just that package. Not sure if this will help but this is what the VM says if i let it try and reboot from the HD after the failed install.
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