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3rd party drivers

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I1d just like to say a big thankyou to Ricktendo64 for his 3rd party driver pack tutorial.

It was so easy to use and `it worked' :thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup

Ooops wrong place to post, just found the right one :blushing:

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Your Welcome :blushing:

Tell me how big did it turn out to be?

Mine is 7.3 megs printers and all :thumbup

BTW: In order to have the printer drivers install correctly you have to turn on the printer during Wind. Setup and for the future version of DPs Base you have to Rename the DriverPack in order for it to work with the new DPs Base, ive updated the tutorial to include this.

Here is the link to the Tuto--> http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=279

And eggster the creator of NLPC is working on a BTS DriverPack Maker but he needs help from you guys http://s8.createphpbb.com/jybesystems/view...rum=jybesystems

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16.2 mbs as there is only my audio and video drivers.

My printer is an EpsonR200 disk printer so i would need my printcd software as well.

Have to se if i can silently install that and then i would use the driver.

When i normally install my printer i have to have the printer off till it asks for it.

Keep up the good work

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Just install all drivers as you would normally, then use Driver Gen Pro to backup the Drivers Printers and all

Now Rename, 7zip and integrate as I say in the tutorial.

When you are installing windows make sure to have the printer turned on otherwize it will not detect and install the printer (this is with KTD Dissabled) I havent tried it with KTD on yet (KTD means Keep The Drivers for later install)

WOO! Bâshrat the Sneaky just stickied my tuto :yes:

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just a quick addition i have Epson CX 3200 all in one printer i use driver genius also to grab the drivers but it detects printer driver and scanner driver as seperatly i just combine all the files into one folder with two .inf files and it works :D
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