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remove explorer from boot

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hi, i want remove explorer from boot, i need explorer not started automatic.

I want logon, and in the automatic execution i put my program and i want use only this..

how can i do this?

ps: i don't want unistall explorer.exe, but only not start it on windows boot..

ps: sry 4 my english..

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Explorer is the program that allows you to interact with your computer and programs. Disableing it would be insane.

If you wish to have a logon screen appear prior to Explorer, you must go to Start > Settings Control Panel > User Accounts.

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let me remember that without explorer, there's no startbar nor desktop icons.

for customization, litestep can replace explorer shell.

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look in registry at

HKLM\software\microsoft\windows NT\currentversion\winlogon

I seem to recall, it's been a long time, that you can changed the "Shell", "UIHost", and "Userinit" values to your own to not have explorer run and only have your own app run in their place.

Do some research first, my brains a little rusty on this, but it should get you pointed in the right direction.

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because in mine farm there are 25 new industrial pc with windows xp embedded preinstalled.

I need run only a software, and i solved changing shell = "c:\myprogram.exe" and not exploerer.exe..

it works fine ;)

tnx all!

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