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One way to run ISO IMAGES even VISTA Through CDSHELL


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Instructions on how to load Windows Vista ISO or any ISO Image From within CDSHELL

I am aware that there is a way to run an ISO image within CDSHELL with the help of the BCDW Plugin. I will not be using this method instead I will use a method used in the UBCD.

Of course running Vista from an ISO Image defeats the purpose of even using

CDIMAGE or whatever your preference for Optimizing multiboot ISO Images

But until someone figures out how to modify the boot files this is one for sure way to load Vista.

I use UBCD in my multiboot disc, it contains CDSHELL and just about anything else you would need to run with it. UBCD modifies their CDSHELL.ini to script from one page to another. The reason why is due to the fact that it will not load if too much is listed within the CDSHELL.ini. I have revised my entire CDSHELL to script just like UBCD, but it is not necessary. You can even script your graphic menu’s the same way if desired. I extracted each folder from the root of the UBCD and placed them within the root of my AIO-DVD. Within the menus folder the .scn files open in notepad, simply modify or create your own Vista.scn file – the names of the .scn files cannot exceed a certain length. You can keep your current CDSHELL.ini.

If you do not wish to add UBCD into your multiboot Disc

Just download the file listed. The folder is all you need to run an ISO image. Just add the folders to the root of your multiboot disc. (DO NOT DELETE YOUR CDSHELL.INI File)

You will need to create the Vista.ISO image and place this in the IMAGES Folder

(It may look complicated but really it is very simple.)

print " [1] Windows Vista "

if $lastkey == key[1]; then cd menus; then set expert = 0; then set x0 = " "; then set x1 = "*"; then script Vista.scn

We will then script to the Vista.scn file inside the Menus folder

The Vista.scn will read just like this:


set method = "diskemu"

set image = "Vista"

script launch.scn

This will launch Vista or any ISO image you desire

Here is how the directories will look


-BOOT (Should be look close to anyones boot folder)




------MENUS (Where the CDSHELL.ini file will script UBCD menus)







------(Where you place the ISO File)

This is not letting me upload the folder you will have to go here to download it.

THis does not contain any programs just what is needed to run ISO IMAGES.


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Thx a lot for ur reply. Windows Vista or acronis does work with this methord but when i tried to load

Window pe(build with bart pe) or Erd commander - Iso i got blue screen error when booting but at the same time when i boot it using chain command(flyakite guide) in cdshell it does work perfectly Why?

Is there any limitation of loading all sort of iso using this process?

Any solution Pls..

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Thx. But i got error with ur way may be i m doing some mistake.

First u said unpack the contents of the iso and i unpaked it in my AIO-DVD folder

so it look like

AIO-DVD\BPE1\(Files with setupldr.bin)


In cdshell my command

if $lastKey == key[1]; then bcdw /BPE1/setupldr.bin

i recived message invalid bcdw command although i copied BCDW.CSM in modules folder

will u pls help me out

pls reply with little more hints.

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Hi !

I got one problem with this method with vista.

I cannot burn the vista iso on the DVD because the file is too large. I need to do an udf iso but udf seems not to be bootable ...

So is there a way to use cdshell with bcdw module to load vista iso ?

Thank you.


Hi again,

I resolve my problem with the vista iso too large, I use vlite to reduce it's size.

Now I constat that loading windows iso with the bcdw module from cdshell don't work...

here a line sample I use :

bcdw boot /WinVista.iso

So is there a way to load iso directly ?



Hi again again,

Now it boot, but a new problem appear.

I use diskemu to boot my iso. :

diskemu /WinVista.iso

but after booting the iso, WinVista ask for a cdrom driver, and winXp do a fatal error ...

did someone got a clue ? Can someone say me what's the content of that file : launch.scn it could be helpful.

see you.

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