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  1. Thx. But i got error with ur way may be i m doing some mistake. First u said unpack the contents of the iso and i unpaked it in my AIO-DVD folder so it look like AIO-DVD\BPE1\(Files with setupldr.bin) AIO-DVD\PROGRAMS In cdshell my command if $lastKey == key[1]; then bcdw /BPE1/setupldr.bin i recived message invalid bcdw command although i copied BCDW.CSM in modules folder will u pls help me out pls reply with little more hints.
  2. Thx a lot for ur reply. Windows Vista or acronis does work with this methord but when i tried to load Window pe(build with bart pe) or Erd commander - Iso i got blue screen error when booting but at the same time when i boot it using chain command(flyakite guide) in cdshell it does work perfectly Why? Is there any limitation of loading all sort of iso using this process? Any solution Pls..
  3. Nice THX. One Question Can i load .wbt image (For Acronis)using cdshell with this process.
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