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  1. Yes files gone and I haven't find them somewhere else...
  2. Hi ! I got one problem with this method with vista. I cannot burn the vista iso on the DVD because the file is too large. I need to do an udf iso but udf seems not to be bootable ... So is there a way to use cdshell with bcdw module to load vista iso ? Thank you. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi again, I resolve my problem with the vista iso too large, I use vlite to reduce it's size. Now I constat that loading windows iso with the bcdw module from cdshell don't work... here a line sample I use : bcdw boot /WinVista.iso So is there a way to load iso directly ? Thanks. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi again again, Now it boot, but a new problem appear. I use diskemu to boot my iso. : diskemu /WinVista.iso but after booting the iso, WinVista ask for a cdrom driver, and winXp do a fatal error ... did someone got a clue ? Can someone say me what's the content of that file : launch.scn it could be helpful. see you.

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