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paypal - receive money


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true but some1 could first charge up his/her paypall accound (with a credit card) befor paying you - right?

just takes 1 extra step to buy

that would be nice. this is all for my moms buisiness, she wants to use paypail instead of ppl sending her a check and it taking a week to get here. so the free account can only take paypal money? not a credit card? that does make sense.

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I have a paypal account, the standard account allows you to recived money via paypal only, while paypal murchant account allows you to accept credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, and also your customers can pay you instantly, even without a PayPal account.

Optional: Accept credit cards via phone, fax, mail, or in person (monthly fees apply)

For more details click the link


Just a note, most of the palpay payments in the standard merchant is online. To accept phone it is as stated fees. So if not website, no payment options. I have used paypal merchant services for my business. So i know how it works. If further help is needed, give me a ring.

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thx for the link, learning alot now. so if i want to accept credit/debit then i need the premier/business account. and all i need to pay for is the transaction fees? and how exactly should i set this up? b/c what my mom does is she sells vacation packages and there are only a few of them. and someone sends us the money and once we receive it, we send that person their vacation package. so what type of paypal thing should i use? email or the standard website payments? and upgrading to one of these accounts is free?

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