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For those of you that don't know: I work with graphics and photo-shop allot and I've always thought some of the things that I've made would look good as icons, but I've never found an easy way to change them to ICOs....NOW, those days are over :thumbup

i stumbled on this little diamond and it was just too great not to share!

Aveicon...all you have to do is drag a PNG file into the PNG section (the one on the right) and once its done converting, just drag the ICO file out of the ICO section and on to the desktop or into any folder.

You can even turn a ICO into a PNG if you want to use it for a dock or something!

by now your probably wondering where you can download this from, you can get it here

hope you like it :)

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This is an oldie but excellent free program. Can Windows even show a 256px icon? That would probably be a huge file too.

yes it can. and no the file isn't huge and neither is the size of it. it's probably about 5x5 inches or something on my comp's screen.

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