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My keyboard doesn't work!


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Dear people..

Recently my keyboard stopped working.

I then inspected the membrane circuit

and saw that it was corroded here

and there..

When I tried to remove the

corrosion, the circuit got removed

along with the corrosion:-?

I desperately want to

repair this..

Please don't advice me to buy

a new computer:(

as I am a bit sentimental abt.

this keyboard..

I am currently using one useless

idiotic keyboard from my

house's trash..

Is there some way I can get it working??

How do I restore the circuit..is there

some material to do that??:confused:

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the key bard and the computer have sentimental value then that is a prblem, if itis a just the computer then replace the keyboard. as for repairing it, you woul d need to find a keyboard of the same model, year and manufact to ensure circut compat.

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