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If you want people to donate, maybe consider offering something worth the money. Asking someone to pay to get rid of several ads on each page is like punching someone in the arm and telling them you won't stop unless they pay you.

You didnt read this, this, this and this topics did you?

As for the rest... read Camarade_Tux's reply :)

I honestly don't care about any of those features (though to answer your question, no, I didn't read those before). I rarely use PMs here and I have my own file hosting. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the site and if it didn't require Paypal I'd probably donate something. It just really annoys me when people use this particular method of showing ads, especially to registered users. I actually had configured Proxomitron to hide Google ads in a small box, but load them, and if I clicked the box the ad would be shown. MSFN's sticking ads in the middle of the page forced me to turn this off and just completely block them, because the rest of the page won't load until they do, and they're sloooooooow. If they were placed at the bottom, I'd gladly turn this back on and click every now and then.

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