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Cannot get the Windows XP Recovery Console with nLite


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What do I have to do to get the Windows XP Recovery Console back working if I use nLite to create Windows XP Professional installation CDs?

I see all the option to format, erase/create partitions, but there's no Recovery Console option. :no:

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(Sorry since this is a rather old post but since this question is the whole reason for me signing up here it goes:)

You mean the ONLY way for me to use the recovery console or the repair windows installation option is to keep two seperate windows CDs, one with and one without the winnt.sif ???

BTW, how can I create a multi-boot DVD with those two versions both in?

(Ok, MAYBE I'll also put in a W98 installation as well, especially if I can also slipstream in it all the remaining fixes and drivers...)

Might be somewhat of a better deal...

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I have found this in the official nLite FAQs:

I dont have repair [R] option at install, why, and how can I get it back?

Remake ISO but next time keep Manual Install component. Hint: use 'Last Session' for fast remake, no need to reselect all options manually.

I am gonna try it. Let me know if it worked for you.

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Really guys, I tried several things but no go.

Since I only got to using nLite yesterday I'm still very conservative with what I take out (meaning I only got rid of the Messenger (=less spam pop ups) and Windows Messenger (if you have internet then you'll want to DL MSN Messenger, btw, I'm gonna look for an add-on for the latest non-beta later...)) I most certainly kept that manual install thingy (I even checked), no go.

I opened the winnt.sif and removed the Unattended section and voila!

It worked!!!

Since even in unattended you still need to choose the partition I REALLY don't see the problem in pressing a few more keys (like an F8 and a couple of ENTERs).

By removing the [unattended] section in the winnt.sif you lose the TEXT-MODE unattended part, the GUI part is controlled by the [GuiUnattended] section, so, if you don't remove it, it defaults to DefaultHide mode which basically means, if you have pre-answered all questions the setup makes then it will still be an unattended setup.

(If you have some then setup will still ask you to answer the non-pre-answered ones only).

The ONLY thing is that when the GUI part of the setup begins setup will AGAIN ask you to accept the EULA agreement.

However since this only happens at the beginning of the setup it's not that big a deal.

After all, if you want to make a FULLY unattended setup to install in many machines at once then you won't mind keeping an extra CD just for that reason and keep this one as an enhanced generic. Y'know?

THANK YOU sIn_maxo !!!


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Indeed it worked great. Thank you sIn_maxo!! :thumbup

I quote his post also here hoping that people doing a search find it easily out.

Oh ppl..once I explained here how to keep the repair mode but it has his problems...

So here Im going to explain again how to keep Repair mode untouched, and still have a unnattended Win.

1º --> Make your nLited CD NORMALY has you usually do...apply hotfixes, remove stuff, tweaks..bla bla...

2º --> AFTER nLite processes everything and you reach the option to create an ISO, STOP HERE!!!

3º --> Explore the CD and look for WINNT.SIF and edit it:

4º --> See an [uNANTENDED] section? DELETE it completely

It will look like this:


MsDosInitiated = 0

UnattendedInstall = Yes


SFCQuota = 0


AutoLogon = Yes

TimeZone = 85

OEMSkipRegional = 1

OemSkipWelcome = 1




Language = 0816


JoinWorkgroup = WORKGROUP

5º --> Save the changes, create the ISO and its done..

Now heres a problem that almost nobody likes....You will lose all unantended options in TEXT MODE (ONLY)!!

So when you boot your WinXP CD, all the options will appear, all the Repair Options, disk formating etc...

Yeah you will have to press F8 to Agree with the License Agreement etc but still....You have just won the Repair mode and Repair Console....oh and no need to input serial and stuff...

I hope this helps, and I know that most unantended fanboys will start flamming, but I dont really care about that..And also this question will appear always till somebody makes this suggestion a sticky or something... B)

Good Luck dude.

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Another solution I found out with Google is you can keep everything in WINNT.SIF.

If you press F10 just after it says press F6 to load device drivers, it will take you straight to the recovery console.

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