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why is windows XP scaning my hdd`s on every reboot


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every time i reboot my system hdd`s are getting scandisked all the time

is there a reg entry to fix this :?

i mean i have looked in the following area`s and nothing seems to be there.

Startup folder.

msconfig first run....

thats all i know about lol

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Look at your schedualed tasks. That's settings - controle panel - scheduled tasks. And see if it has been schedualed to run on start up.

Or just remove this command from the register, remember to back your registry up before you do this:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\BootExecute:

'autocheck autochk *'

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ok my task sceduler was already disabled.

i deleted the reg entry after creating a restore point.

and it did the trick but its still coming up with words saying skiping diskcheck autocheckautocheck missing.

WTF is with that then hmmmm it does it on every post of the os.

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try to download utilities and diagnostic floppy image on the site of your harddrive manufacturer ... though, i warn you : two days ago i've had one of our harddisk serviced. Running several tests proved nothing, but after a week it started it all again. In case, run several continuous test and keep your system online for some time.

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