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[Release] SPTD driver v1.42 - x86 and x64


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Here's an unattended installation version of SPTD 1.40. It will install quietly and prior to RunOnceEx and GUIRunOnce so you can then install the remainder of Daemon Tools without any further hassle!

[url=http://home.people.net.au/~srjohnson/SRJs_SPTD140_Addon.7z]SPTD v1.40 Unattended Integration File

Enjoy! :thumbup

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if u lookin for an dt 4.08 addon i have added the newest version in nliteos.com

silent switch is daemon408-140-x64.exe /S

but u need to remove the "spyware" after that manually (SetupDTSB.exe)

PS. sptd 1.42 is out, but beta :)

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@biatche - this is what I do (the script is a smaller version of the one done here);

$cdrom = DriveGetDrive("CDROM")
RunWait($cdrom[1] & "\Applications\Daemon Tools v4.08.0.0\daemon408-x86.exe /S")

; Delete spyware installer.
If FileExists(@ProgramFilesDir & "\DAEMON Tools\SetupDTSB.exe") Then
FileDelete(@ProgramFilesDir & "\DAEMON Tools\SetupDTSB.exe")
; Kill the spyware process and its application
If ProcessExists("DaemonTools_WhenUSave_Installer.exe") Then
DirRemove(@ProgramFilesDir & '\' & "DaemonTools_WhenUSave_Installer",1)

Things to note:

  • This is an AutoIt script
  • I run this script from RunOnceEx (ie. after SPTD is loaded)
  • The script will remove the spyware process if its running, the spyware application itself and related registry keys.
  • The script is designed to install SPTD from the first CDROM

For those interested, here is the unattended integration file for SPTD v1.42 Beta:

SPTD v1.42 Beta Unattended Installation File


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