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Nlite feature request for SP2 merge


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I'm upgrading a neighbors Windows XP Home from SP1a to SP2 using Nlite 1.0 ( or earlier one).

During the merge process, it asks the user via a popup if one wants to use the "NEWER" version

of the file to be merged. Because, there are so many popups during this process and one wants

to do it unattended (that is not to answer every popup question for every file), I'm asking that

Nlite have an configuration option via a menu to set so that all questions like this are answered

with a "yes" or "no". That is, if the option is checked, the answer is "yes" and all the newer files

are used. If the option is 'not' checked, the answer is "no" and all the newer files are not used.

This will allow the user to do the merge unattended without having to sit in front of the computer.

Moreover, it will eliminate accidently mistakes. That is, after quite a few yes', the user may accidently

click on the wrong popup box to select "no" and there is no way to correct this mistake besides,

stopping the merge, and restarting the whole merge process over again. This has happened a few

times by me trying to do the merge late at night and being tired. :blink:

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Sounds like a bad solution to me.

Sometimes you will have a case where you don't want to answer the same to all boxes, and you'll run into problems because you don't know which files collides before selecting "yes/no to all".

A very good solution would be to display a summary box with all file collisions. That's not possible actually since each hotfix/addon is parsed after the previous one, but having one summary box for each is feasible (this box should let the user select each file individually).


PS: not related, but if even nuhi comes to this thread : why on hell, when a CD is selected as source, nlites copies the whole ~550MB to HD before asking the user if he wants to delete 300 MB of these ? why on hell driver.cab & sp*.cab is first copied to HD then extracted instead of extracting from CD to HD ? :wacko:

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Perhaps have another check box that says to ask me, which would give the popup question too.

This will eliminate the all or nothing of Yes/No to all check boxes mentioned last week.

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I'm just curious....

when do you get these messages?

If you're slipstreaming a XP source with SP2, it shouldn't prompt you with those messages.

Perhaps you're trying to install SP2 while within windows?

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