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I am kinda new to unattended installations of Windows :). I have made a WinXP Pro CD slipstreamed SP2 & setup a basic unattended installation with the help of the guide posted on this site :thumbup:. I now want to include some drivers & applications, but I have no idea how to do this :blushing:. I read over the guide & am more lost now :}. I just need a little help on what files I need & where to put them. I can provide any information that can help y'all help me. I just require some assistance. Thanks for the help in advance...


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what happens if you remove things like wmp and then use the ryanvm update pack? will it know not to include the wmp updates or will it install them anyway? and if it does install them anyway, does this lead to problems like looking for wmp when it isnt there?

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Leave WMP9 on the CD. The WMP10 addon is overwriting a bunch of WMP9 files, and if nLite removes them, it won't work right.

I searched the forum for an answer and RyanVM says no. Click Here

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