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  1. Ok ... thank you for that info . I have another question: how do I use RunOnceEx? ~JFM
  2. ok ... so what do T-13, T-12, T-9 mean? I am not quite following what you mean by those. I am going to give that a shot here in a little while. If I have any questions, I'll post here again. Thank you for your help! ~JFM
  3. No ... I have a WinXP CD that I slipstreamed with SP2 & have set up for unattended setup. I am working on integrating drivers & applications into this CD ... I just don't know where to start at. I understand I can do it through batch files. I just want to know my options, & the pros\cons of those. Any advice or help will be greatly appriciated ~JFM
  4. Hello All, Ok ... I am trying to setup a unattended setup for WinXP. I want it to install some applications, but I don't know where to start. I tried to use the guide on this site, but I have just confused myself more. I figured I could ask for a little help. What are my options to accomplish this? Where do I put the batch file in my WINNT.SIF file? I can provide a list of the apps I am wanting to install along with anything you will need to know to give me a hand. Thanx in advance for your help. ~JFM
  5. I am kinda new to unattended installations of Windows . I have made a WinXP Pro CD slipstreamed SP2 & setup a basic unattended installation with the help of the guide posted on this site :. I now want to include some drivers & applications, but I have no idea how to do this . I read over the guide & am more lost now . I just need a little help on what files I need & where to put them. I can provide any information that can help y'all help me. I just require some assistance. Thanks for the help in advance... ~JFM
  6. My name is JFM . I have just recently become interested in tweaking MS products. I am extremely interested in unattended installations, but haven't gotten very far with it . Expect lots of questions from me, seeing as how I am very inquisitive . I am a beginning programmer & am really just interested in computers of all kinds ( Win, Linux\Unix, Mac ). I hope I can bring some interesting views to this community :. ~JFM
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