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It's not permanent.

DFI-Street.com will no longer be supporting DFI products unless your emails generate a response from DFI HQ and they decide to continue to purchase advertising or support help.

And with any luck, another hardware company will buy them out, as DFI street highly reccomended G-Skill ram and OCZ power supplys.

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Lucky for all of us, I have the offline version that HappyGames made for the DFI users. I hosted it on my site. I am e-mailing him now for approval.


Travis (AKA HappyGames) is being a bit of a jerk. I think DFI really got something good up his butt or something. This is our current corrospondance:

From me:

Hey, I am a pretty new user on the forums, and I am very sad to see them go. However, the reason I am e-mailing you, is because we had the overclocking guide stickeyed on another forum I frequent. I have the offline version (PDF) saved to my comp, and I wanted to get your permission to host the PDF on my website and link it for people to use.



In reply:

At this time I cannot give permission to anyone to host our Overclocking Guide. The guide is property of DFI-Street.com. I am actively checking various sites and forums to make sure none of our material is being used without permission.


I'll be e-mailing him back in a minute explaining to him that the matierial on his site is in fact not copyrighted, and he has no legal recourse against my hosting the file. For the time being however I have removed the link, but I will be more than happy to provide the link for anyone who needs to view it. Please PM me to request the file, or e-mail me @ DysfunktinaL [AT] Gmail (d0t) com.

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My latest responce to his last e-mail:

Activly check all you want. The fact that your site is no longer affiliated with DFI, and the guide was made in partnership of the DFI products, means DFI is partial owner. Not to mention that copyright only covers "ORIGINAL works of literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture." You are not the original author of the thread. You simply took a thread that was on your copyrighted website, and turned it into a published work. I'd also like to point out that you never requested th original author's permision to re-create such work. As states here: http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/ , "Copyright is the right of the author of the work or the author's heirs or assignees, not of the one who only owns or possesses the physical work itself". Translated to digital literature, YOU own the binary text of the original post made to your website, however you do not have the right to copyright that material, as only the original author, or his direct family (after he dies) have that right. And if we want to get even more techincal, in reality, you don't own anything. Your host "NEW DREAM NETWORK, LLC" I.E. Dreamhost.com (Located in Brea California, about 30 miles west of where I live by the way) owns your copyrighted data. You simply rent you server from them. If you read the EULA you agreed to when you obtained them as your host, you'll see that you own nothing, and are simply paying them for access to the use of thier data center and hosting services. And lets even go one step further to show you the reality of the rights you actually have, the copyrighted website " DFI-Street.com is owned by Carly Haley of Twin Falls Idaho, United States of America. Carly Haley is NOT Travis Hill. Carly Haley may have a possible claim to the copyright, however sir, YOU do not.

I have the guide on my server, however I removed the public URL to download it. I will however be freely giving the guide out to anyone who requests it of me via PM.

The fact that you are screwing over the DFI-Street.com members simply because DFI treated you in a way you think to be unfair really shows a lack of character on your part. I also find the fact that you wish for the members to write to them on your behalf, but do not give us any sort of story about what happened is ammusing. I am inclined to belive that they had perfectly vaild reasons for doing whatever they did to you.

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this is what was replied to me

Thanks for your E-mail. First of all, www.dfi-street.com is owned by Mr. Travis Hill (Angry_Game). We paid him as a contractor to support our customers on his forum for years. Recently, he posted some improper message on the forum that hurts the relationship between www.dfi-street.com and DFI. That’s why we terminate the contract with him starting from 1/4/07. We’ll have another forum to support DFI M/B users later.
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Well, in all the e-mails he keeps going on and on about money and his family. So, I simply told him I will stop distributing it once I recive a copy of the copyright application, because untill he sibmits it and pays the $45 fee to file it, he can't do anything besides complain and moan.

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