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WPI 5.1

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Every theme, old and new, has layerconfig it in. It better or you would never see the config wizard and WPI would crash.

You want to be searching in wpi.htm not configwizardtemplate.htm.

(I hope I didn't say that in my original post)

I have searched as first in wpi.htm, no results, then i notice the second line, and searched in configwizard.js, then i looked better and searched in configwizardtemplate.htm and also configwizardtemplateconfig.htm....

Never found any match except configwizard.js but only the word layerconfig nothing more do match.

(i again take a look in wpi.htm and again dont found any match with "layer")

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Due to the major changes in WPI and since nearly everything is now very easy to disable and the fact that almost all of the extras have been removed and placed into a seperate archive there will no longer be a lite version of WPI. Simply go into options and disable everything you want.

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