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[Lan][Sec] Protecting your privacy on your own LANs

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Everyone knows atleast the basics to protect themselves from the nasty things on the internet right? (trojans, viruses, spyware, hackers etc). Simple, just use a firewall, anti-virus with updated definitions and a spyware remover.

Though there is another thing that ive never thought about until today, what about on your own local network in your own home? For example, you can check the router history for sites that have been visited. Im sure my brother has done this a few times already since the router is in his room. Knowing little things like this really bugs me :}

Ive also just read about programs that can log MSN messenger conversations from any computer on the network such as 'MSN Sniffer'. Im not sure if my brother is a jerk enough to do something like this, but i take my laptop over to have lan parties (using a hub) with my friends (and people i dont know sometimes) often and i wouldnt want them snooping through my convos.

I dont really have anything to hide :whistle: but i do like to have my own privacy if possible.

So im wondering if anyone knows of any tips or tricks to avoid things like this. Would using a proxy server avoid the history on the router? Is there a way to get pass chat loggers such as MSN Sniffer?

If anyone has any other tips or tricks to share on how to keep your privacy on your own local networks, feel free tell! ;)

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A person with access to that router (your brother) can look at all of your traffic. The level of fidelity they can attain is mostly due to the router itself. Some are more flexible than others. There is very little you can do about it, and the little that you can do isn't trustworthy. Every packet that goes through the router can be examined. Even if you have proxy, encryption, or whatever else the data is still there and can be viewed.

Ditch that hub for a switch. Switches break up broadcast domains and will prevent users, other than people with access to the gateway device, from sniffing you. The router admin can monitor you but the other users on your switch won't as long as the switch is connected directly to the hub.

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