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DVD Writer - Disc Reading problems

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I have DVD RW Drive Reading problems..

Windows does not recognise the discs, but they read with Isobuster. These discs were written with the same Writer.. any suggestions?

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sorry my bad.. i wasnt specific enough.. ok here goes..

its a NEC ND 3500 Drive.

It recognises blank disks. bust has problems reading discs written by it (single session..no multi session discs)

these are regular DVD-Rs RiTek, Memorex, etc...

most of them read using Iso Buster but not using Windows Explorer..even nero says they are empty :(

and they work find in other computers/standalon dvd players (if they are DVD-Videos)

im using windows XP

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do not use InCD

Have had Wintools installed since i isntalled windows.. almost 10 months back... havent changed nething as such ... u think it needs hacked firmware..updated it to the latest official version..

the thing is.. these disks worked like 2 months back.. backup of old stuff...

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