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Temps For My New PC?


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Intel Bundle Purchase of a Pentium D 820 .....2.8 dual core

I just replaced my ThermalTake Blue Orb II with Artic Silver 5


with a Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro with Preapplied Thermal Paste


And i am still getting about the same freaking temperature

Are these temperatures going to be bad for this Pentium Processor???

Keep in mind my Processor Fan seems to lower its speed down and only speeds up to keep the temperatures down .......as you can see in the Fan RPM section

I have 1 intake fan on the front .......and an outtake 120 on the back and a outtake 80 on the side ......Gonna try some Coolermaster NanoFusion Thermal compound instead of the Paste that was already applied to the heatsink when i bought it

The Idle is sitting in windows doing nothing ........The Load is running DVD Shrink and McAfee Virus Scan at the same time ......only a couple degree difference between them ......i just wish i could lower the temps to the 40C range :(


This is with CPU Fan control turned off (IDLE)........What do you guys suggest?


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Idling at ~50° is much too hot. Your "load" temperature is actually not even at full load, maybe 1/2 at most; run a program like CPUBURN/BURNP6 for a few minutes and see what happens - probably going to go over 80° if left long enough.

Your fans are spinning too slow. Disabling temperature control will help by always running the fan at full speed, but even so the CPU is still too hot.

Reapply the thermal compound, using a very thin layer. Many times the factory-applied layer is too thick.

For comparison, my 3.6GHz P4 (single core, HT) is overclocked to 4.17 and idles in the low 20°s, full load (BURNP6 for 6 hours) around 50°.

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Reapply the thermal compound, using a very thin layer. Many times the factory-applied layer is too thick.

definetly do that. you should automatically notice a few degrees of difference, and a week later maybe a few more degress lower once the as5 cures.

and if there are spots in ur case for extra fans, then use them

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