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[Question] Legit winxp Home


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I bought a pc in a store, it already had winxp Home installed on it, now I was wondering, if I format and reinstall with the cd brought with the new pc, is it still legit?


Its perfectly fine for you to do that - but bare in mind that if you arent experienced with XP and installing devices, you may have "fun" trying to get everything as it once was. If you have a "restore CD" then it should be even easier as most are based on a image and the restore process will most likely put it back exactly as you got it.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that if you have already just activated windows [or it was pre-activated for you] - then if you install windows and activate it again in a short space of time, you may get a error - but you should be able to call the MS hotline and activate it over the phone with no problems :)

You, of course, may noy install XP on another other system though of course - the OEM license that you have with your pc is intended for the software to be used on that hardware, and only on that hardware.

You can use the many differenent methods [found on this wonderful site ;)] to create a custom xp cd if you're feeling adventurous but bear in mind that you cannot give the cd you create to anyone else - and if you add your product key to the custom CD, it should only be used on that system.

Bear in mind also, that modifying/hacking copyrighted files is technically illegal so if you are planning to make up a custom XP CD, its good to keep it in mind - and also think of your warranty with the computer you purchased. They "probably" wont be able to provide you with any sort of OS support if you have wiped the computer and installed your own customised XP CD.

Hope that helps you out in whats what ;) Please post back if you want to know anything else.



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