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[MISC] Some questions


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I have a few questions so i used (misc). My questions are:

1) I have a USRobotics router with build-in firewall which stops all external threats. Thats good :thumbup , but it allows any software to call home without giving me a warning. :no: Is there any new model routers out there which also can control out going connections and let the user decide if it should be allowed? maybe a software client which can speak with the hardware to give warning? Such a software will be very light and consume almost no resources as the hardware does all the job and the software client just act as a interface btw the user and the router. Does such a router exist? :rolleyes: Presently i have zonealarm installed to stop outgoing :wacko: . I just want use all the speed i had paid for into doing stuff i want to do rather then sharing processing and ram with so many programmes running concurrently which do nothing that I want but "protect".

2) Is there such a thing as hardware anti-virus? If yes can someone give me a link to the product please.....been looking for such a device on google but can't find any.

3) I have a dynamic IP. And want to remotecontrol my pc over the net. I have setup a noip.com service but have to run a client to keep undating noip.com of my latest IP address. If my comp is shutdown then thats not possible. I don't want to keep my comp running for just this purpose. Is there anyway the router could do this as it runs 24/7? Maybe with a hack of the firmware? Just wondering :wacko:

Sorry for asking so many questions guys....I bumped into this website and found so many useful info and thought of throwing all the questions i had all this while in my head here and try my luck to see if i can get some answers

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3) - There are routers with modems built in that support this feature.

You set up the router so it updates the IP address on a dynamic IP service everytime it changes, this way you don't need the computer running just because of the software update client.

There are many routers that support this, however, I would recommend this one from SMC. (supports TZO and DynDNS)

2) - No. There are no physical AVs. At least that I know about ... Things get invented everyday. :huh:

1) - The router I talked about will not support this feature, however, you may configure wich computers have access to the outsite network (Internet).

The best solution for you would be a firewall to scan outbound connections, and this I don't think you'll find on a router (at least SOHO routers).

P.S: Thanks for following the rules, however, you must enter a thread title. Just [MISC] ain't that good ;)

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The closest thing to a hardware antivirus is a dedicated virusscanning server, and even that is just a normal PC running antivirus software. The reason why hardware antivirus doesn't exist is because it's difficult to update hardware / firmware while software can be easily updated to keep up with the latest virii.

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