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Off on hols


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have fun you slaggggggggggggggg j/k :D  :):rolleyes:

:D eh lol

lol in a couple of years send me a PM and i will explain what a 'slag' is for ya

why dont you just shutup, how bout that?

Shafts comment @ Crispy

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no wonder you guys dont keep new people here for long because you guys dont give a welcome to non 24/7 posters... if i had the admin title with the same amount of posts you wouldnt have said that... now just remember the way to build a bigger community is by letting the Freedom of speech board run as a freedom of speech board :rolleyes:

What you actually did is insult me, as if I'm to young to know what slag means and you'll PM me in a few years when I'm older :)

lol, even if it doesnt mean that, im stiff iffed...

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hey guys, I'm here in corfu, I've managed to find the one computer on the whole **** island... It's really nice and I'm getting a tan, running a bit low on the financial front, so have put loads on the credit card...haha! Off to albania tomorrow for a day trip lol

See you all soon

Love yas XXX

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well crispy, they've been testing me for a long time.......

LOL, no I'm testing grain like wheat and corn for moisture and chemicals and stuff (mostly my dad's corn)

It's very boring and repetitive!

Your doing whisky or something ? That´s nice, well let´s leave it to scottish people ? :rolleyes:

Happy summertime anyway... :)

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