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Plz help me..


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Hi frnds....

i m using Windows XP- Serv2

how can i change the color of my folders text.

if i want to give red color. If it is possible so plz tel me...

second quiestion is whenever i inserted the floppy into floppy drive the system ask me Do u want to format it now?

if i insert new floppy then it will provide me same error.

is there any software that repairs the floppy disk?

Third Question is what is Php..?

Fourth question is i want to study the hardware.

how can i study it..?

plz give me the name of site that gives me the knowledge abt the computer hardware..

and and

plz give the name of sites where i can get the information abt the all virus?

i want to know which type of Virus is available...

plz plz Help me.... :)

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1. Rightclick on Desktop, select Properties, Appearance, Advanced, ... you can change a lot of colors and font settings there.

2. A bad floppy may be the cause. Google FlopTool for a set of free utilities to work with floppy disks. You might be able to recover the data.

3. Serverside scripting mechanism for web pages.

4. Google.

5. Google, "virus database" in particular. Antivirus company sites have them.

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lol, just had a test on php yesterday for my advanced html class

its usefull for taking data from databases or forms, what do u want to do with it?

for hardware, it is google, thats how i started. there is no one site to learn it all, you learn it little by little from many different sites

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The best way to learn about viruses is to infect yourself with different virii and see what happens. Turn off your virus protection & firewall and type "free xxx porn" in Google and you will be on your way in no time.

Otherwise I would study ways to remove viruses like using Norton, AVG or Trend Micro. Trend Micros website has a quality online Housecall and can scan/clean spyware & viruses at once. Very nice.

AVG Free is a free home user edition and decent for what is cost. I highly recommend buying a server and installing Client/Server Suite from Trend and not PC-Cillin' though.

Anyway I hope you have learned to backup already. I think you will need to be good at that before learning PHP. hehe Anyway good luck.

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