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  1. I have had good luck with PC Inspector File Recovery. I don't know the link but I never paid for it or anything. It should be free. heres link PC Inspector File Recovery You should have a backup of important files.
  2. You cannot do a clean install and preserve registry settings at the same time that I know of. You would have to had taken registry snapshots before and after you installed the apps in question then run a compare and saved the differences between them. Otherwise it's hard to know what reg keys go to which apps. There are programs that allow this automatically but must be run on install. It goes against most licensing as well. That is why there are product activations becuase alot of people want to copy or burn an installed program and give it to a friend or the program was already given to them and they have no disks. Thus developers created an install process and reg keys and files all over the place in every which folder under Documents and Settings, Windows, and Program Files. With that being said it is possible to do a full system backup then reformat, reload Windows from scratch and restore the backup over the new install. That should overwrite the reg file and everything else this would allow for swapping the hard drive. Windows backup will not be much help with this though. You'll need a good backup program like from Yosemite or EMC. Maybe someone else knows a good free program.
  3. The best way to learn about viruses is to infect yourself with different virii and see what happens. Turn off your virus protection & firewall and type "free xxx porn" in Google and you will be on your way in no time. Otherwise I would study ways to remove viruses like using Norton, AVG or Trend Micro. Trend Micros website has a quality online Housecall and can scan/clean spyware & viruses at once. Very nice. AVG Free is a free home user edition and decent for what is cost. I highly recommend buying a server and installing Client/Server Suite from Trend and not PC-Cillin' though. Anyway I hope you have learned to backup already. I think you will need to be good at that before learning PHP. hehe Anyway good luck.
  4. I use a program called SafeXP. It has an option to disable printer sharing without affecting the file sharing. SafeXP Also you can specifiy permissions on the printer to restrict access if you want to share with some but not all. XP autoshares in certain setups. I've seen on some systems that \\server shows shared printers but beyond that there is a shared Printers & Faxes folder and everything inside that is shared differently. Never bother to figure out why. Blah blah hope that helps.
  5. Generally I put the factory CD back in with this error and boot to that and reinstall. Did you recently install something or uninstall? Do you have any backups? You don't have to reformat unless that error is caused by drive corruption. I find it helpful to rename Documents and Settings and the Windows folder to something else before beginning. Does Safe mode work? There is no step by step to simply solving that problem that I know of. It can be caused by many things.
  6. Do you have Line Out as well or just Aux. I think you are pluged into the 2nd audio output port on the sound card and not the headphone/speaker port. Not really a problem. Try another output hole on the sound card. It should work too.
  7. Some computers need a manual Windows update to get the BITS update and the Windows Installer update to properly receive Automatic updates. Happens in Windows 2000 alot but an old XP install has similar problems. There are somethings that aren't actually updates that are installed on launch using the manual way. (like Windows validation) Plus download any hardware driver updates while you are there because those aren't automatic either. Microsoft Update is even better. It downloads all sorts of updates for you. Might as well upgrade to that while you are in there.
  8. I don't actually have a 'Play All' option. You could try installing Winamp. :> Winamp gives a 'Play in Winamp' option & 'Enqueue in Winamp' on right-click and I have a seperate Play in Media Player option but I don't play music in Media Player. Ick. I'm sure you have your reasons though. The media library in Winamp is very powerful if you have the proper tags on your mp3 files. I used to use dBpowerAMP for shell conversions until the MP3 plugin went to 30-day trial but that program supports many formats including Real Audio. If you want to buy something easy I suggest dBpowerAMP for free and just buy the MP3 plugin. You may not care because MP3 encoding isn't free in Jet Audio either. These days I create WAV files through Winamp and use CDex to reencode to MP3. Which formats are you converting? If it plays in Winamp, Winamp will make a WAV file out of it. Once you set Winamp to the Disk Writer Plug-in, when you launch any audio files into Winamp the OGG or MP3 or whatever gets converted to WAV. There are other plugins for reencoding to other formats but I haven't used any. Anyway Winamp is my suggestion. Then rencode all at once in CDex. All free that way. Yeah go Winamp.
  9. In that situtation (horribly configured lan) I always suggest catching & firing the person involved with such activities. One warning then termination. Fear is better than any security measures you can take when you have nothing to build from. also Is disabling the Internet an option? Put in for the gateway & change account to User. Then the laptop can only access the LAN with their IP but not the Internet because the gateway is invalid. Then install MS Software Update Server & Symantec Command Console and update internally.
  10. If you call the activation center & tell them you installed a gateway oem on a dell they do not care. They have to give you a valid activation code because you won't get an automatic one. They do not care. They seem to just want to know. They won't tell you not to do it. Whatever the EULA says Microsoft isn't going to tell anyone to buy another copy of Windows to reload their legit computer. True the store bought copy won't accept an oem key code, you can't get around that but the oem versions will load with an off brand key code and Microsoft will still activate it from my experiences. Activation is where the problem lies not loading. Not to mention losing all the preloaded factory software. I have a Vaio laptop that came with some real nice software that I didn't burn the DVD and CD I was supposed to before I reformatted to load XP Pro.
  11. You changed the question didn't you. The answer is basically the same instead of clicking on the date column click on the name column. Or right-click in the window and select Arrange Icons By Name but the items you are showing are sorted. What exactly do you want to do?
  12. What jumper settings are you using with the USB. I do this freq. Remove the jumpers. It's not a master or a slave. That might help unless the drive controller is fried. I use a Windows 2000 machine for data recovery though. It's always worked better for me.
  13. Try viewing by details and then click on the header for the date column. Click on View in the explorer menu then Details.
  14. I would Ghost the machine. This is a product from Symantec I am familiar with that clones the hard drive and reinstalls in minutes minus anything on the hard drive. You would have to create a clean usable install first then Ghost it to a DVD or 2nd hard drive or something. As far as creating the install cds there should be an icon somewhere on the machine to do that or they should give you the media. Most likely it's on the hard drive waiting to be burned. Look for an i386 folder to say the least. Either way use the key that came with the computer and you will probably be fine using a different oem cd. Call Microsoft and explain the situtation and they'll hook you up. People would like you to believe they are tyrants but it's not true... btw http://www.backtheFup.com is my new site dealing with backups. It's not complete. I am looking for help with buttons & graphics if anyone has spare time to help.
  15. You could try updating the driver through device manager. Or try removing it first through Add/Remove programs if the NIC is in the list.

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