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I don't have sound schemes :s. Windows XP standard is turned on in the audio tab (control panel). Normally you can test the sounds by clicking a play button, the play button is disabled and I can't click it. This is very annoying because I also don't have sounds for MSN and stuff like that.

The strange thing is that other users on this pc DO have sounds :(:realmad:

Could anyone help me?

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It's just the windows alert sounds (critical error, MSN, new email,...) that don't work because I have music from WMP and games

As I said, try with deleting your profile and recreating it again..

P.S. backup data in ur current profile

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well, that didn't work... :realmad:

It has to be something related to your profile 'cause it works for other users on that PC..Do you have the same rights as other users, did you install anything recently which could make this error occur?

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In control panel Sounds properties, are any of the controls (such as the volume slider) greyed out? Have you checked to see whether regedit showed them enabled?

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


If the value is ".none", try importing this before going through the trouble of recreating a user profile.

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