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Multi Manufacturer Pre-Activation


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FreeStyler, Sorry somehow I must have missed that.

Bezalel, thanks, I actually just got a working set about 5 minutes ago.

For some reason the oembios files i copied off of another Inspiron 5100 (with bios rev) did not work.

I got a fresh copy from another computer, and now it is working perfectly.

I think i remember seeing FreeStyler? talking about old oembios's being invalidated with sp2 or some such, maybe that was the problem here.

anyways thanks again, and keep up the good work.

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I will be glad to check the crc on the files, unfortunately I got swamped at work, and will be unable to do this to this until next week. I just wanted to drop off a message to say I wasn't ignoring the request.


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Just a thought on this topic, is there any program that can,

do a soft/hard link for msdos, that can link a file on the cd, while the cd is a write protected mode?

or maybe a ramdisk.

Another thought, what about a boot menu, 1 selection for each manufacturer, like eariler if there are two or more of the same files, it will only be written to cd once. Create Multiple i386 folders, renamed something to do with the manufacturer, and then boot to that folder.

I have not tested, but a possibility.

Anyone willing to try, please post back to this forum.

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Hi guys,

I got another Philips today, BIOS set is the the same as the Advent set.

Also has antoher messed up Computer Report :D

Manufacturer: DIXONSXP

Model: To Be Filled By O.E.M.

4449584F 4E535850

It seems like as far as MS is concerned Dixon's is the manufacturer of both Advent and Philips PCs. I don't think Philips actually manufactures PCs, in the USA the computers that Philips sells to control their radiology equipment are made by Dell.

Also I now have the correct "Dell Quanta" set in my RapidShare folder. http://rapidshare.de/users/LWN7M8

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Question, I have some OEMBIOS files that have the CRC32 names... is there a way to convert them to Hex, so that they are compatible with Bezalel's Activation scripts?

Rename them to match the hex string from the computer report (without the spaces).

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Ok, the issue is... I am trying to make a universal disk, but I dont have access to all the system to get that info ATM. Is there a way they can be converted from CRC32 to Hex? (doubt it, but doesn't hurt to ask)

No, You'll have to wait for the next version for a universal disk.

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Hi Guys,

Had a couple of Dell laptops pass through last week, we already have the BIOS sets.

But I thought i'd post the Computer Reports.

Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corporation

Model: Latitude C600

44656C6C 20436F6D 70757465 7220436F 72706F72 6174696F 6E

Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corporation

Model: Latitude D600

44656C6C 20436F6D 70757465 7220436F 72706F72 6174696F 6E

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I've been playing around with the ideas from this thread for quite some time now and I have to say... this idea is awsome! It will save me tons of time. I have to admit... it wasn't easy to figure out how it works... but once I finally figured it out it is great.

I'm sure some of you know... I am the writer of the RyanVM Integrator and Windows XP PowerPacker. Both of which have apeared in numerous worldwide magazines. I promised my fans that when I figured out how to bypass activation (legally) I would create a method that users of my programs can use to simplify the process for them.

I was playing around with the scripts Bezalel made and I created an autoit executable that does basically the same thing as Bezalel's vbs but when it finds the hex code it checks the directory for that hex code... if it doesn't find it... it knocks off one of the hex characters and searches again. It keeps knocking off a hex character until it finds a file match or until it has no more characters to search for.

It seems to work rather well. But I am sure Bezalel is onto something much more sophisticated. I am far from an expert at this project. All of the leg work is by the people of this thread. Any way I can help out just ask. I have a lot of source code allready written up in my other programs that would make it simple for me to create the perfect script for this project.

Here is my idea...

I think it would be great to have an ini file created that a script can read to differentiate which oembios.* files should be copied to windows. From what I understand Bezalel's scripts looks for what the manufacture hex code is on the machine then it copies the hex oembios files accordingly.

Here is the basic concept I was thinking for the ini file:


Sony Corporation=376E13C7.rar
'Sony Corporation=376E13C7.rar
Sony Corporation'=376E13C7.rar
'Dell Quanta'=87870F5A.rar
'Lan Plus=FDAA5E8B.rar
Lan Plus'=FDAA5E8B.rar
'Equus Computer Systems=0D59FC53.rar
Equus Computer Systems=0D59FC53.rar
... so on and so fourth.

Basically the idea is to have the ini point to the correct pack of oembios files. Or have it point to the correct hex string. Then the files are either extracted or copied to the windows installation.

This I think would give a much better organization and also allow us to easily make it all 8.3 compliant. I would also suggest the project run from outside of the $OEM$ directory. Possibly in an "OEMBIOS" directory at the root of the disk. This way it can easily be implemented in a multiboot disk environment.

What do you guys think?

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