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  1. added new sets to post 202 EVESHAM (OEMBIOS.CAT CRC32=A093BD92) WANLIDA COMPUTERS (OEMBIOS.CAT CRC32=926481E4) VIEWSONIC (OEMBIOS.CAT CRC32=6D264FD2) SHUTTLE (OEMBIOS.CAT=DB234D65) Research Machines plc (OEMBIOS.CAT=DEE9D7D9)
  2. with MS Virtual PC you can try this approach - MMTool 2.22.1(google is your friend) - hex-editor / ultraedit - resource hacker Open Resource hacker and extract BIOS resource, the 256kb file extracted is the bios to be edited, rename it to bios.rom next, open mmtool "powertool" and open that bios.rom, select dmi and extract it to dmi.rom Open it with UltraEdit and replace the original contents, like: "Mircrosoft Corporation" , "Virtual Machine" etc etc, with the ones of your choice, save In mmtool use the replace function to replace the DMI with the just saved dmi.rom - save In resource Hacker replace BIOS, 13500 resource with the bios file saved in the step above ("BIOS, 13500, 1033") save and test
  3. I see no reason in helping you get these files.... i have noticed all you do is post this info & files on other (mostly chinese) sites. Reading your posted stuff you seem to pretend to be a hotshot who knows it all, but once i dive into the actual contents of your post all seems 100% copied from this site. If you really have something to contribute to this project, i'll be glad to help you out, until that day you can only hope you find them elsewhere. I admit my Chinese isn't really that good... but one thing is obvious... proper credits for the information and files are not to be found in these topics i believe everybody who contibuted in this project deserves better.
  4. Yes, i'll try to sum it upfor you, You have OEMBIOS sets for XP which are Interchangeable between x64 and x32 OS Also you have OEMBIOS sets for Windows Server 2003 which are Interchangeable between x32 and x64 OS as well... OEMBIOS files for Windows Server 2003 are not Interchangeable with XP
  5. I second that request, only this time for oembios set for Server 2003 systems, recently purchased a Fujitsu-Siemens PRIMERGY server i like to try this on
  6. Update @202 Added: GIGABYTE (OEMBIOS.CAT CRC32=6C0C2E95) 'f000','0000','ffff','GIGABYTE' and: ASUS (OEMBIOS.CAT CRC32=2411858C) 'f000','0000','ffff','ASUSTeK Pegasus' 'f000','c000','3fff','ASUS_FLASH' 'f000','0000','ffff','ASUS_FLASH' Thx @Protocol7 making obsolete the following set: ASUS (OEMBIOS CRC=B20C65BF) (obsolete) 'f000','c000','3fff','ASUS_FLASH'
  7. Nice Job. By the way, do you speak Chinese? Because you mentioned Chinese website here. Nope, not a word
  8. Added Targa, Epson, Hitachi, JVC, Mitsubishi, Mouse Computer, Sharp and Sotec to post 202
  9. I got your message, thx allthough i already figured out that specific issue I hope your health issues are resolved and everything is looking sunny for you again
  10. elarifr, it would be great if we could add your oembios file set to our collection update Set verified and working fine, tested on VPC Targa (OEMBIOS CRC=D0F94E0D) 'F000','0000','FFFF','TARGASYS' elarifr, thx
  11. Visendo SMTP (pop3) Extender for Windows 2008 Server http://weblogs.asp.net/hpreishuber/archive...008-server.aspx
  12. Added Hasee, Time Computer and Seanix(Cicero) to post 202
  13. there's lots of info on this, did you even bother to try to search for your answers? OEMScan - Automated Multi Manufacture Pre-Activation Utility Multi Manufacturer Pre-Activation Building a Pre-activated CD from an existing installation Creating an image or unattended for Multi PC's
  14. xehqter, i don't know if this is by design or if it's a small bug in oemscan, whenever i try to use oemscan on a system that already has all vendor specific oembios files in it's destionation folders it fails to replace the files in ./System32/DllCache I discovered this when using Virtual PC, after patching the Virtual PC bios to another vendors SLP string, the 2nd time oemscan is run to copy matched Oembios files it fails to replace the oembios files in dllcache, whenever i remove them manually and replace thm afterwards everything is ok.
  15. You are right, that topic is located in the Vista section
  16. The HP (D107C3EA) is included with the R2 releases, it has additional "strings" that pre-activate the software on Microsoft Virtual PC & Virtual Server (I don't know if VMware has any of these strings)
  17. Yup, it uses the XP/2003 Method and works only with Win2003 Oembios sets. @Bezalel, ZWT release uses SLP key
  18. 1, Yes. 2, No...yes 3, Normally the PID looks something like: XXXX-OEM-0011903-XXXXX (Professional) for OEM SLP Systems 4, Yes
  19. [unattended] UnattendMode = DefaultHide maybe? UnattendMode = DefaultHide | FullUnattended | GuiAttended | ProvideDefault | ReadOnly Values DefaultHide Specifies that answers in the answer file are defaults. Unlike UnattendMode = ProvideDefault, Setup does not display the user interface to end users if you specify in the answer file all the answers relating to a particular Setup page. If you specify only subsets of the answers on a page, the page appears with the provided answers. The end user can modify any of the answers on the displayed page. Use UnattendMode = DefaultHide in deployment scenarios where an administrator might want only end users to provide the administrator password on the computer. This behavior is the default if you do not specify unattended mode. FullUnattended Specifies a fully unattended GUI-mode Setup. If you do not specify a required Setup answer in the answer file, Setup generates an error. During an attended Setup, improperly signed hardware drivers generate a warning dialog box. If UnattendMode = FullUnattended, then Setup does not install hardware drivers unless they are properly signed. Use UnattendMode = FullUnattended in deployment scenarios where you require a complete unattended installation. GuiAttended Specifies an attended GUI-mode section of Setup. When specified, the end user must answer all questions in the GUI-mode portion of Setup before Setup finishes. Use UnattendMode = GuiAttended in preinstallation scenarios when you want to automate only text-mode Setup. ProvideDefault Specifies default answers in the answer file. In this case, Setup displays these default answers to the end user, who can change them if they are not appropriate. Use UnattendMode = ProvideDefault in preinstallation scenarios where the OEM or administrator wants to give the person setting up the computer the option to change the predefined default answers (especially network options). ReadOnly Specifies read-only answers in the answer file if the Windows Setup pages containing these answers appear to the end user. Like UnattendMode = ProvideDefault, no user interface appears if the answer file contains all the answers on a page. Unlike UnattendMode = DefaultHide, however, the end user can specify only new answers on a displayed page. Use UnattendMode = ReadOnly in scenarios where an administrator wants to force specific answers on one page but not others. Default Value DefaultHide Example UnattendMode = FullUnattended Comments The default value is DefaultHide when you do not specify the entry. When you specify this entry, it fully automates text-mode Setup with or without the necessary answers.
  20. On Windows Server 2003 R2 releases the .NET Framework v 2.0 is a optional component that can be installed using Add/remove Windows Components Control Panel, Is there a method to automaticly install the .NET Framwork using Components directives in a unattented install? Tia, [fs]
  21. Hi Protocol, the code below works for me....give it a try DetachedProgram = CMD.EXE Arguments = "/Q /C FOR /F %? IN ('%SYSTEMROOT%\SYSTEM32\MOUNTVOL.EXE^|FINDSTR :\') DO IF EXIST %?WIN51 START %?SETUP\HOME\$OEM$\OEMSCAN.EXE"

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