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[Question] windows xp cd will not boot


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I think, that you have to burn a new CD with an adequate bootimage. You can't add this, when you already have burned the CD, even if it's multisession.

So I think the easiest way would be using CDImageGUI.

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You cannot add the bootimage to the allready bunred CD. you need to make a new one.

There are a lot of programs to make a bootable CD. I Use MagickISO.

First you need to load a bootimage from a bootable CD. If you need a bootable Windows CD, you need a bootimage file from a similar windows CD

In your program that creates the CD you should then see somewhere that the new project (new CD) is bootable.

Now you can add all the files you need and burn the CD (or ISO-file)


Milo Tulkens

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